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updated Sun. June 19, 2022

Geoffrey Sant talks about the recent United States Supreme Court decision and how it could have implications for international technology businesses. ... cannot be produced in the US litigation without violating foreign laws (such as bank secrecy, financial privacy, and data protection laws)," Sant says.

"Nothing in the Fourteenth Amendment or Supreme Court precedent allows the State to invade this privacy realm to examine the underlying basis for a ... of Indiana, said in a written statement that Thursday's decision "affirmed a woman's fundamental right to make her own personal medical decisions.".
Citing legislation signed into law by President Trump last month, the Supreme Court dismissed Microsoft's privacy case regarding customer data stored on a ... The federal government and Microsoft have clashed for years after the U.S. asked for access to the emails of one individual linked to a narcotics ...
"Previous Supreme Court decisions that give states authority to regulate abortion give us great hope that the justices would side with Indiana's right to ... Court precedent allows the State to invade this privacy realm to examine the underlying basis for a woman's decision to terminate her pregnancy prior to ...
In 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a Maryland law requiring police to collect DNA samples from people who had been arrested and charged with serious crimes — samples that could then be stored in a database and used to solve unrelated crimes. In a dissenting opinion, the late Justice Antonin ...
That is the lowest number through the end of March for any session since Roberts took office in 2005, according to Adam Feldman, whose Empirical SCOTUS blog examines trends at the Supreme Court of the United States. The all-time high for Roberts' tenure was 32 decisions during this period, the ...
The Cloud Act sets a legal structure for the United States to make agreements with other countries that give law enforcement the ability to access data stored overseas. Microsoft president Brad Smith applauded the decision. "We welcome the Supreme Court's ruling ending our case in light of the Cloud Act ...
"Rod, Amy, Annie and I could not be more disappointed in the decision today by the U.S. Supreme Court" said Blagojevich's Patti in a written statement released late Monday morning. "From the beginning we've had faith in the system and have felt the court would bring Rod back to us. Now, with the ...
The Supreme Court defines your rights if, for example, you are a racial or religious or ethnic minority and you feel as though you are being discriminated against, the Supreme Court defines how your life will be. The Supreme Court defines ...” The Supreme Court defines how the U.S. political process works, ...


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