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updated Sun. January 1, 2023

The Iowa Supreme Court has denied the appeal of the sentence given an Osage teen for killing his mom. Noah Crooks was found guilty of second-degree murder and “not guilty” of assault with the intent to commit sexual abuse after he called 911 on March 24, 2012 and told the Mitchell County dispatcher ...

The checks and balances are reflected in the separation of powers among the legislative branch (Congress), the executive (the president) and the judicial ... power of the United States in the president, and Article III vests the judicial power of the United States in one Supreme Court and other “inferior courts.
Eye on Augusta: Maine Supreme Court Rules RCV Must Be Implemented for June Primary ... But the Court concluded that overruling the RCV law would violate the separation of powers clause in the Constitution. “We are not persuaded by the suggestion that the logistics of implementing ranked-choice ...
Declaring the United States a country that “jealously guards the separation of powers,” a federal appeals court in Chicago on Thursday dealt the Trump Administration a new blow in its ... “We are not the Supreme Court, and we should not presume to decide legal issues for the whole country,” Manion wrote.
Ranked-choice voting will be used for June primaries, Maine supreme court rules ... Attorneys for the Senate, in essence, had argued that Dunlap would be violating the Maine Constitution's separation of powers clause by moving to conduct a ranked-choice primary in June, as ordered in March by a ...
In an opinion Wednesday affirming the earlier court of appeals ruling, the Minnesota Supreme Court said the law does not violate the separation of powers clause or the single subject clause of the constitution. The court said the Legislature “left untouched the bulk of the duties conferred on the State Auditor ...
For example, the U.S. Constitution provides the president the power to veto a law passed by the legislature, provides the U.S. Senate the ability to reject or confirm the nomination of federal judges, and provides the Supreme Court the ability to declare executive actions unconstitutional. Each branch must ...
The suit, filed on Tuesday in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, seeks to resolve a question of separation of powers at a time when the Council has become increasingly restive. The legal wrangling underscores an unfortunate reality for the Council and its outspoken speaker, Corey Johnson: New York ...


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