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updated Wed. May 8, 2024

“We appreciate IDE's investment in piloting its leading-edge water reuse technologies. This development supports our overall efforts to identify the best treatment approaches to create a reliable and sustainable water supply for our community,” said Ben Fine, City of Pismo Beach director of public works.
IECN photo courtesy James Tillman: After three years of planning, the city of Rialto and the San Bernardino Community College District (SBCCD) celebrated their official partnership in offering Water Supply Technology courses in downtown Rialto to Inland residents beginning next Thursday, Mar. 22.

Following up from an IAEA Technical Meeting in 2017, a new coordinated research project (CRP) is being launched in the field of water resources assessment. The project—planned to last four years (2018-2021)—seeks to improve methods of assessing and managing water resources used for domestic ...
Waterlogged is a hydration tracking app with reminders which makes it virtually impossible to forget to drink enough water. Waterlogged is truly an innovative app that takes the “drink water” reminder to the next level. The app lets users save the types of bottles and cups that are generally used for drinking ...
Nine months after oil starting flowing through the Dakota Access pipeline, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe continues to fight the controversial project, which passes under the Missouri River just upstream from their water supply. In a 313-page report submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the tribe ...
He's one of many state workers who takes monthly snow surveys, in the same spots, to figure out how much water is in the snowpack. And this old-fashioned way of measuring the snowpack is quite laborsome. First, surveyors strap on snowshoes — if there is even enough snow on the ground to schlep ...

Enertopia Corporation (CNSX:TOP; OTCQB:ENRT) is actively engaged in generating transformative change in the methods for recovery of lithium from ... Enertopia has partnered with Genesis Water Technologies, an award-winning global leader in specialized water treatment solutions, to adapt existing ...
On a visit to Bangladesh in 2011–where an estimated 20 million people are exposed to arsenic in local drinking water–scientist Liangjie Dong worked with a team to teach residents how to use a filtration system he designed that could make the water safe. The technology worked, but it wasn't ...
One of 450,000 new high-tech electronic water meters to be supplied by German company, Diehl Metering. ... "Improved use of technology in our utility is critical ... the water sector right across the world ... is usually the last to accept new technologies and so for us, we want to demonstrate our commitment to ...
Richard Boudreault is the company's founder. He's a physicist and serial entrepreneur who's already launched a dozen other small, tech-centric start-ups. He says with the water crises in South Africa and California, most people are talking about desalination technologies that can turn seawater into fresh ...

They are working with new technology from Trimble to help contour farmland so ponding water isn't an issue. They aren't draining swampland, but correcting slope or levelling out low spots with pull-type blades behind the tractor, aided by GPS guidance systems, and Trimble software. It is high-tech stuff, ...
Dr David Sarphie, CEO of Bio Nano Consulting, said: “Arsenic contamination of water is a hugely important issue, and the technology hasn't existed to enable it to be addressed properly. We feel that a user-friendly, cheap and rapid test could be extremely beneficial in terms of revolutionising how the ...
However, many places have responded with innovative approaches, using new management techniques and modern technologies to deliver water ... have lower educational barriers to entry, and consequently provide a pathway to greater economic opportunity for all types of workers across all skill levels.
Xylem Inc., a leading global water technology company dedicated to solving the world's most challenging water issues, has announced the expansion of its India operations through the opening of an India Technology and Customer Experience Centre in Bengaluru. The launch follows the opening of a ...
PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — Starting in fall 2018, Northern Maine Community College will offer a new program for students interested in pursuing careers in the field of water treatment technology. The college's water treatment technology program, the only such program in Maine, will fulfill a great workforce ...
To protect it, scientists are studying its most invisible details with the help of nuclear technology and the support of the IAEA. “Most of the fresh, usable water in the ... With the help of nuclear techniques, scientists can determine the quantity and quality of their water supplies. They use naturally occurring ...
The agreement provides exclusive rights for Fuel Tech to market the technology in specified end markets throughout North America, with provisions to ... Demand for water and wastewater treatment is growing and Fuel Tech has identified several potential end markets for NanO2's technology, including ...


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