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updated Sat. April 6, 2024

Once you've accessorized you work desk with organizational items and products to keep you positive, it's not time to focus on ergonomics. According to Posturite, “”ergonomic equipment is designed for tasks and environments in such a way as to improve health and safety, comfort, performance, and ...
With the S131, Studer has paid special attention to the customer advantages of ergonomics, handling and flexibility. It has a swing diameter over the table of 250mm and has a maximum grinding length of 160mm for internal and 125mm for external diameters. It is available for workpieces with a maximum ...

A. As an ergonomics company, we only take up R&D into a new product design when there is a need for that particular innovation. Humanscale is in the business of improving the user experience through the design of products that are intuitive (easy to use), promote healthy postures and encourage ...
While shooting with an iPhone is great because you always have it with you, DSLRs still offer much better ergonomics. But what if there was a grip designed to pimp your smartphone and get more buttons and wheels? When I travel, I tend to leave my DSLR at home most of the time and just rely on my ...
I've studied and practiced ergonomics and lean, and believe that neither can be as effective without the other, and in many ways, they are one and the same. Companies that harness this synergy gain an advantage on their path to operational excellence, sustainability, and other goals they may seek.
In this SCBA Quick Tips video from MSA, Joe Alvarez looks at some of the ergonomic adaptations of the MSA G1, including features designed to lessen firefighters' back pain and improve maneuverability. More about the MSA G1 HERE. Watch the player below. [Native Advertisement] ...

Shared workspaces as a growing alternative to traditional offices, makes engagement of its community members a much greater and exciting challenge.Unlike regular offices where the common thread is one culture, the shared workspaces have multiple companies and cultures that coexist. Without a ...
With four out of 10 people suffering from back pain, it's the main cause for missed work days—more common than colds or flu, according to Allegan General Hospital's occupation health Dr. Leonora Diaz. “Ergonomics is the science of designing the job to fit the worker,” said Diaz. “Before ergonomics, it used ...
"If you do need staff training, and there are many residual risks where this is the case, then this needs to be customized and professionally delivered. Any such training should be based on observations of current working practices and should be informed by the views and experience of the workforce," HSE ...
Cal/OSHA will begin enforcing its a new ergonomics standard to protect hotel housekeepers on July 1. The first ergonomic standard in the nation written specifically to protect hotel housekeepers, it was approved March 9 by the Office of Administrative Law. "Hotel housekeepers have higher rates of acute ...
Exoskeletons and ergonomic technologies are designed to prevent idiots like me from ignoring safety protocols and ergonomic guidelines, to keep backs straight and knees strong no matter how hard you work them, and to serve the ultimate objective of all safety gear: bringing us home safe and healthy at ...
Midwinter is a time many of us are at our most sedentary. Not outdoors as much, perhaps skipping our morning walks and sitting indoors more often in the family room or at our desks. While it's a good time to focus and get work projects completed, whether at the computer all day at work, paying bills in your ...
While 40 hours a week on a desktop or laptop may seem like easy labor, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that more than $15 billion in workers' compensation costs arise each year from work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Millions of workers are affected from sitting in ...
It was a perspective which set DPS on a path towards a series of equipment investments to improve plant ergonomics. In 2015, the company installed a high-speed pallet inspection line from Industrial Resources. Then at the beginning of 2017, the repair stations were upgraded with Bishamon lift tables.
It was a perspective which set DPS on a path towards a series of equipment investments to improve plant ergonomics. In 2015, the company installed a high-speed pallet inspection line from Industrial Resources. Then at the beginning of 2017, the repair stations were upgraded with Bishamon lift tables.
A survey of 130 directors of programs and institutions accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education revealed surgical training programs in the U.S. largely lack ergonomics education, Reuters Health reported. Here are six statistics from the survey results, published in the Annals of ...
NAGPUR: The third day of OTICON, a conference by All-India Association of Occupational Therapists, saw sessions which explored the idea of ergonomics — study of people's efficiency in their working environment. Hosted at Ambedkar auditorium in Ramdaspeth, the conference, along with sessions, saw ...

While each year we're seeing new advances in interface and functionality of AR glasses, there's one thing that the industry needs to focus on if it ever hopes for AR to go “mainstream” the way smartphones have – that's ergonomics. Evidence does point towards AR potentially reaching a tipping point in ...
A disheartening reality for many safety and ergonomics professionals is that many of their initiatives ultimately become the victims of their own success. Once they accomplish the organization's initial objectives, investments in ergonomics and other safety solutions either evaporate or are reallocated ...
Sustainable sounds like one of those corporate buzzwords that come and go, but the meaning behind it will always ring true for organizations purposely built to survive, improve and thrive into the future. Ergonomics plays a key role in corporate sustainability, and this article provides an overview for a ...
Review: Royole Moon headset mixes great audio and video with awful ergonomics. And at $800 it's seriously overpriced, too. Like GearBrain on Facebook ...
When you solve this particular ergonomics problem, however, you create another: Now the keyboard is angled in such a way that it'll almost certainly aggravate your wrists. (You don't want to trade neck pain for carpal tunnel syndrome.) Thus, if you're going to put your laptop on a stand, you'll need to add a ...
In the Quality Digest office, ergonomics is always a hot topic. Or should I say, avoiding sore necks, aggravated backs, and eye strain are hot topics? Now, our leadership team has always been willing to explore ways to improve our personal work spaces, but as our entire staff is considering the pros and ...
Streamlined, ergonomic, and with a silhouette that's memorable, almost like a brand logo, the Achilles Knife is powerful, but unlike its namesake, shows no point of weakness. Made from a single piece of German stainless steel, the Achilles is blade and handle, all in one. Following a quite unique form factor ...
Standing desks fail to provide the health benefits they promote, Edmonton ergonomics expert says ... Fans of the standing desk should take a walk, says a University of Alberta ergonomics expert. Standing upright instead of sitting within the confines of a cubicle may not be as healthy as advertised, said ...


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