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updated Sat. May 18, 2024

"The positive response from customers affirms our view that distributed energy technology such as rooftop solar complements existing products and services that the AboitizPower group provides," added APX general manager Ping Mendoza. Currently the Philippines' second largest power producer, ...
“ARPA-E is thrilled to partner with NASA for this iTech competition and help bring the future of energy technology to space,” ARPA-E Principal Deputy Director Chris Fall said. “ARPA-E continually seeks to reinvent what's possible, and we're engaging our unmatched American energy innovation community ...

Daily Energy Insider · Editorial Team · Macallan Communications · Contact · Home »; Entergy highlights investments in technology in 2017 integrated report. « Energy Department, NASA hosts energy technology competition · Innovative Duke Energy project to use biogas from North Carolina hog farms » ...
At the recent Symposium on Sustainability in Venice, CleanTechnica got a first-hand chance to compare how two energy giants, BP and Enel, are managing the road to decarbonization. Enel reinforced its headlong dive into renewable energy while BP underscored a much more cautious path. That contrast ...
After the state recently awarded the farm $879,000 to construct a soybean processing plant, and after working with Hirsh on his green energy technology, she thought the two businesses could help each other out. "It kind of came full circle to have this value-added processing facility, and with this expansion, ...
MORGANTOWN — What does the future of trash and recycling collection look like in Monongalia County? Could a trash-to-energy facility be an economically and environmentally viable option going forward? The Monongalia County Commission plans to work with the county's solid waste authority (MCSWA), ...

Origami Energy, a start-up company based in Cambridge, aims to bridge these two worlds through a distributed energy technology platform. With the transition to renewable energy expected to increase volatility in electricity grid systems, Origami Energy believes technology such as this will be the key to an ...
They used to go hunting for energy assets. Now it seems technology is top of the overseas shopping list of China's biggest and most acquisitive firms. It has replaced energy as the most sought-after sector for the biggest 100 outbound mergers and acquisitions by Chinese companies in 2017, mainly ...
Every day, energy is flowing all around us, constantly being created and consumed. We get a sense of what energy looks like when a dancer leaps through the air or an athlete dunks a basketball. But it's hard to visualize what it takes to power a refrigerator or heat the water for our coffee. A Bass ...
WHEN IT COMES to energy, no country generates such bittersweet superlatives as China. It is the world's largest consumer of coal and the second-largest of oil, after America. It has the largest power-generation capacity, by a wide margin. It also produces more carbon dioxide than any other country.

The shift towards making built-in solar and battery storage the “new normal” for new-build homes in Australia now has the backing of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, in a joint initiative with leading property development group, Mirvac. In an announcement on Thursday, the CEFC said it was ...
... includes 5.1kW rooftop solar installations coupled with 10kWh battery systems, sufficient to meet up to 90 per cent of a typical household's energy consumption, according to the CEFC. "The CEFC's finance will mean this clean energy technology is already included in the homes during construction, at no ...
The City of Tempe, Ariz., has adopted a new goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, along with a strategy of sourcing 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2035. The city council approved the resolution for this goal at a March 8 meeting. The carbon-reduction goal will be achieved in ...
BHP had also accused the MCA of advocating for new high-efficiency, low emissions coal-fired power stations in Australia at the expense of other energy solutions, but the MCA's new manifesto echoes BHP's "neutrality" on energy technology. "The MCA believes a technology-neutral approach should be ...
The Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy, created under the George W. Bush administration to foster innovation in energy technology, is targeted for elimination in the White House's 2019 budget. "This is about as dramatic as it gets in science and technology policy," Chris Fall, ARPA-E's principal ...
Energy Technology for Telecom Networks The research report presents a comprehensive outlook on the titled Energy Technology for Telecom Networks Market contains thoughtful insights, facts, historical data, and statistically supported and industry-validated market data. It also contains projections using ...
PDAC 2018: Energy technology optimism buoys mood at convention. By IM Staff Published: Tuesday, 13 March 2018. The protectionism of US President Donald Trump or the uncertainty of Brexit may overshadow the global minerals industry but optimism was evident at a recent mining and development conference in ...
A supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton test loop facility has been developed at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. Scientists claim that the technology has the potential to replace nuclear and thermal power plants. The loop technology could vastly reduce the water consumption, with less emissions ...
Irish wave energy technology company Ocean Energy announced last week that its pioneering wave energy convertor, the OE Buoy, will be built in the United States by Oregon-based marine-fabrication company Vigor, and deployed at the U.S. Navy's Wave Energy Test Site on the Hawaiian Island of ...
A carbon-neutral, energy-positive wastewater treatment technology, developed by Irish firm NVP Energy, is now being rolled out at food and beverage plants across the world, following a successful trial at an ABP production site. NVP Energy is a wastewater technology developed at NUI Galway and ...



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