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It's worth going over the work the Butcher of Baghdad did for his Texas patrons when he was their butcher:

  • 1979: Seizes power with U.S. approval; moves allegiance from Soviets to U.S. in Cold War.

  • 1980: Invades Iran, then the "Unicycle of Evil," with U.S. encouragement and arms. (In fairness, credit here goes to Nobel Peace Laureate, James Carter.)

  • 1982: Bush-Reagan regime removes Saddam's regime from official U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism.

  • 1983: Saddam hosts

    Donald Rumsfeld
    in Baghdad. Agrees to "go steady" with U.S. corporate suppliers.

  • 1984: U.S. Commerce Department issues license for export of aflatoxin to Iraq useable in biological weapons.

  • 1988: Gasses Kurds in Halabja, Iraq.

  • 1987-88: U.S. warships destroy Iranian oil platforms in Gulf and break Iranian blockade of Iraq shipping lanes, tipping War advantage back to Saddam.

  • 1990: Invades Kuwait with U.S. permission.

U.S. permission? On July 25, 1990, the dashing dictator met in Baghdad with U.S. Ambassador

April Glaspie
. When Saddam asked Glaspie if the U.S. would object to an attack on Kuwait over the small emirate's theft of Iraqi oil, the ambassador told him, "We have no opinion.... Secretary [of State James] Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction ... that Kuwait is not associated with America." Saddam taped her.

Glaspie, in her 1991 Congressional testimony, did not deny the authenticity of the recording, which diplomats worldwide took as a Bush Sr's okay to an Iraqi invasion.

Saddam Hussein

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updated Wed. November 2, 2022

Baghdad ( Iraqi Shia cleric and militia leader Muqtada al-Sadr has vowed to form a special team to arrest or assassinate former Saddam Hussein aide Ezzat al-Douri. Answering questions by his followers on his online portal, Sadr, commenting on a recent video that purports to show a ...
JANE ARRAF, BYLINE: Kadhim Sharif al-Jabouri has two passions - motorcycles and weightlifting. He was a champion powerlifter with the muscles and the medals to prove it. But what he's most famous for is taking a sledgehammer to the statue of Saddam Hussein the day Baghdad fell. In the news footage ...

In 2002, a 12-metre statue of Saddam Hussein was erected in Baghdad's Firdos Square, right in the middle of one of the Iraqi capital's many roundabouts. It depicted the Iraqi dictator standing heels together with his right arm outstretched with an open palm. It was a symbol of Saddam's confidence but also ...
With that, a picture of Councilman Tim Courtney centered between photos of Saddam Hussein and Nancy Pelosi. "Mr. Courtney has only worked for the better of the citizens of this town and everything we need to have in this town,” said Surfside Beach Mayor Pro Tempore Ron Ott. Courtney is a retired New York City police ...
Blaydes, a former Hoover National Fellow, described the archives as “invaluable” for her forthcoming book, State of Repression: Iraq Under Saddam Hussein (Princeton University Press, 2018). The Ba'ath Party, she found, used varying mechanisms to encourage loyalty and prevent uprisings. “The archives ...
The claim relates to reports published March 10 of “senior officials refusing to leave Saddam Hussein's palaces, seized after the US invasion, in the Green Zone and other Baghdad neighborhoods.” Abbas' words hint at the potential role of corruption in determining the fate of the assets. On April 16, 2017, ...

In the corner of a Baghdad living room sits an unusual piece of decor—a sizable bust of Saddam Hussein's head, staring implacably out with a military beret on his head. Its owner, politician Mowaffak al-Rubaie, has placed a length of rope around its neck. It's the same rope that was used to hang Saddam ...
Iran's political influence in Iraq has grown since the U.S. invaded to remove President Saddam Hussein in 2003, marking the start of a prolonged period of sectarian division, extremist violence and political strife. The U.S. still has more than 5,000 troops in Iraq supporting its fight against remaining pockets of ...
A government committee is currently taking stock of palaces and other properties belonging to late leader Saddam Hussein and his defunct Baath Party. The government has recently ordered the seizure of assets that belonged to Saddam Hussein and more than 4,200 officials from his government and ...
In this file photo taken on March 16, 2014 an Iraqi Kurd man walks past grave stones as he visits a grave yard for the victims of a gas attack by former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein in 1988 in the Kurdish town of Halabja, 300kms northeast of Baghdad. On March 16, 1988, as many as 5,000 Iraqi Kurds, ...
We live in an age where George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton (“Hitlery”) and Barack Obama have all seamlessly been compared to Hitler. That's just a few of the more recent examples, but they clearly show just how little ...
More recently, the former top UN weapons inspector Charles Duelfer and I studied what made former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein tick. For several years, Duelfer was the senior point of contact between Iraq and the US After the regime fell, he produced the definitive report on its weapon programme.
In the years since the U.S. invaded in March 2003, Iraq has seen two occupations — one by U.S. forces following the removal of Saddam Hussein's regime, and another by Islamic State militants after American forces withdrew. Now, after fifteen years of instability and war, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is ...
(CNN) -- Here is some background information about the trials and execution of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Facts:Hussein was charged with premeditated murder, imprisonment and the deprivation of physical movement, forced deportation, and torture. Seven other defendants stood trial with ...
Baghdad ( The Iraqi government has approved a scheme to turn the palaces of late president Saddam Hussein into a hospital, a state-owned newspaper reported Wednesday. Al-Sabaah newspaper said the government has agreed to turn the presidential palaces complex in Baghdad's ...
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – The Commission for Accountability and Justice in Iraq, part of the De-Baathification process in the country, released a list containing thousands of names whose property and assets remain symbols of the former regime and ordered their seizure. In a statement issued on Sunday, ...
A heated discussion continues, as some scholars refute any such influence of Saddam Hussein's late order, claiming that IS is primarily the consequence of a decade-long foreign occupation and its dramatic effects. Others, often on ideological grounds, bring forward the opposite view: They claim that even ...

The crisis between Jordan and Iraq has reached the media, as reports surfaced this week that Baghdad has requested that Amman hand over Raghad Saddam Hussein, the eldest daughter of the late Iraqi president, according to Al-Quds Al-Arabi. Raghad fled to Jordan with her sister, Rana, and their ...
An Iraqi man looks at a list of names published for the first time by the Iraqi security services of the country's sixty most wanted people including members from the Daesh group, Al-Qaeda and the former Baath party on Feb. 4, 2018 in Baghdad. (AFP) ...
Iraqi security services have included the daughter of the late Saddam Hussein on its most wanted list, along with 59 other individuals. Authorities say the 60 people are wanted on suspicion of belonging to ISIS, al-Qaeda, or the the former Iraqi regime's Baath Party, reports AFP. Raghad Saddam Hussein ...
Raghad Saddam Hussein responded on Monday by pledging to take legal action against those who have "insulted her". Iraq's government has been seeking to prosecute Ms Hussein since 2006 for allegedly supporting violence in the country. The list echoes the US set of 55 playing cards, released in ...
The names of 60 individuals including the daughter of late Saddam Hussein, Raghad, are on Iraq's most wanted list. 4 Feb 2018. Former Iraqi ... The Iraqi government has placed the name of late Saddam Hussein's daughter, Raghad, on the most wanted list, together with 59 other individuals. The 60 people are wanted on ...
PARIS: It took just three weeks for the nearly 24-year regime of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to be toppled in 2003 after the first US air strikes on March 20. Washington and London justified their military intervention with claims that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction but no such stockpile ...
Others were in the middle of the action, as American troops surrounded a statue of Saddam Hussein. Ghilan, then 29, recalls voices screaming for the 30-foot monument, a potent emblem of autocratic rule, to fall. To get a better view, Osama Mehdi, still a teenager, had for a few moments stood on top of the ...
We could not dare to speculate on Iraq's future, but many were longing to see Saddam Hussein fall. And soon enough, the war came. An intense and widespread aerial bombardment turned days into nights and terrified our families, many of whom moved to relatively safer areas to protect their children.
A toxic mix of secular Arab nationalism and Eastern Bloc-style socialism that dominated Syria and Iraq for decades since the 1960s, it made the regimes of the al-Assad family in Syria and Saddam Hussein in Iraq completely unique in the Arab world. Baathism, more than George W. Bush or Barack Obama, ...
The Commission for Accountability and Justice in Iraq completed the implementation of Law no. 72 issued by the Parliament in 2017, which stipulates the confiscation and seizure of financial assets and property of late President Saddam Hussein and his relatives, 52 senior officials from his former regime, ...
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – After pressure from multiple Iraqi parties, The Iraqi Foreign Ministry responded to inflammatory Iranian statements about its dominance over Iraq, and that it was responsible for the hanging of Saddam Hussein. Earlier in the week, member of the Supreme Council for the Cultural ...
A heated discussion continues, as some scholars refute any such influence of Saddam Hussein's late order, claiming that ISIS is primarily the consequence of a decade-long foreign occupation. Others, often on ideological grounds, bring forward the opposite view: They claim that even before the US ...


U.S. documents published in today's Saddam Hussein Sourcebook quote Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in 1975 telling the Iraqi foreign minister "we do not think there is a basic clash of national interests between Iraq and the United States" (the Iraqi disagreed), and that Israeli influence on U.S. policy would diminish given "our new electoral law" which means "the influence of some who financed the elections before isn't so great."

The newly declassified briefing notes for special envoy Donald Rumsfeld's second trip to Baghdad in March 1984 reveal Rumsfeld's instructions to reinforce the message of U.S. interest in improved relations "at a pace of Iraq's own choosing," and to emphasize that U.S. criticism of Saddam's chemical weapons use versus Iran was not meant as a pro-Iranian or anti-Iraq gesture. Saturday, December 20, marks the 20th anniversary of Rumsfeld's famous handshake meeting with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad.


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