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updated Mon. September 5, 2022

The women and children were herded onto trucks and taken to Solagh, a town east of Sinjar, where the younger and older women were separated into groups. It would be the last time Nadia saw her mother; more than a year later, a mass grave would be found there with 80 bodies, all women. ISIS put the ...

Under the leadership of former minister Bayan Jabr Solagh, the Badr-controlled interior ministry undertook a campaign of wholesale sectarian murder and slaughter of Sunni "undesirables", with the Pentagon's knowledge. Sadr as a "nationalist", not a sectarian. But it was not only Badr that was courted by ...
According to the survivors, these older women were taken behind the technical institute in the Solagh area, east of Sinjar. After a pause, gunfire was heard. The belongings scattered by the dusty mass grave in Sinjar show this is no ordinary war. Elderly women who use walking sticks are not soldiers.
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Four gunman kidnapped a man on Saturday who is believed to be a brother of Iraqi Interior Minister Bayan Jabr, officials said. Abdul Jabbar Solagh Jabr was driving in Habibiya, a neighborhood in eastern Baghdad when kidnappers pulled him from his blue Opel, put him in ...
"The terrorist pointed a finger at another person saying that he was carrying explosives... and that led to the panic," Interior Minister Bayan Baker Solagh told state-owned Iraqia television. The stampede occurred after the Kadhimiya mosque -- the burial place of Shi'ite imam Mussa Kazim who died 12 ...
About 1000 Sunni notables gathered in Baghdad on Saturday to find a common stance and demanded the dismissal of Iraq's Shiite Interior Minister, Bayan Baqer Solagh. Sunni clerics on Friday ordered a three-day "prayer strike", during which Sunni mosques remain closed and worshippers have to pray at ...


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