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Raid Juhi Al-Saadi
Raid Juhi Al-Saadi
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updated Thu. November 17, 2022

The court spokesman, Raid Juhi, told The Associated Press that the decision was made because the court had finished its cases. The proposed law sets June 30 as a deadline to settle a few final minor cases, he added. A number of international human rights organizations and Iraqi Sunni politicians have ...

The big question tonight in Baghdad is whether Saddam Hussein is on his way to the gallows. There were reports today that U.S. forces had turned the former dictator over to Iraqi authorities. That was not supposed to happen until just before Saddam's execution. Saddam was sentenced to death for crimes ...
Skeletons, many still clothed and wearing blindfolds, jut out from the desert sands in southwestern Iraq where forensics experts have unearthed at least two mass graves of victims from the brutal suppression of a 1991 Shiite uprising. The chief investigative judge in Saddam Hussein's trial, Raid Juhi, said ...
However, the tribunal spokesman Raid Juhi said the Halabja killings would be tried separately. "These people [the victims of the Anfal] were subjected to forced displacement and illegal detentions of thousands of civilians," Mr Juhi said. "They were placed in different detention centres. The villages were ...
Judge Raid Juhi, who investigated Saddam's alleged crimes as Iraq's leader, told AP on Thursday that officials had repeatedly asked Saddam if he had ever been beaten. He answered "no" every time, Juhi said. Juhi said that if Saddam or the other defendants had complained of beatings or torture, doctors ...
Investigating Judge Raid Juhi told reporters in Baghdad before the trial that the charges would focus on the areas of "crimes of premeditated murder, forced expulsion of residents, torture and forced disappearances of individuals." Iraqi leaders, and their American advisers, selected the low-profile Dujail ...
Raid Juhi, chief judge of the Iraq Special Tribunal, said the investigation into the July 8, 1982, massacre in Dujail, 80 kilometres north of Baghdad, had been completed, and the case was referred to the courts for trial. The step roughly corresponds to an indictment in the US legal system. The date for the trial ...
The two-minute recording, without sound, appeared to show a strikingly different Saddam from the defiant figure whose only previous court appearance, last July, featured lengthy self-justifications and mockery for the judge, Raid Juhi. In the video excerpt, Mr Juhi appears to set the tone. Saddam is shown ...
BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 4 — The Iraqi court trying Saddam Hussein announced Tuesday that it had charged him with genocide, saying he sought to annihilate the Kurdish people in 1988, when the military killed at least 50,000 Kurdish civilians and destroyed 2,000 villages. The case is the first against Mr.


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