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Hajim al-Hassani
Hajim al-Hassani
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updated Thu. December 8, 2022

Khaled bin Ouda bin Mohammed al-Harby -- KHAH'-lid bin OO'-duh bin moh-HAH'-med ahl-HAHR'-bee. Hajim al-Hassani -- HAH'-jim ahl hah-SAH'-nee. Aquila al-Hashimi -- ah-KEE'-lah ahl HAH'-shee-mee. Dar al-Hijra -- dahr al-HIHDJ'-ruh. Sami Omar Al-Hussayen -- SAM'-mee OH'-mahr al hoo-SAY'-ihn.

American witness to signing of Iraq's constitution believes many articles violated. By Rudaw 26/9/2017. Masoud Barzani of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Hajim al-Hassani, a Sunni politician of the Iraqi Islamic Party, and Jalal Talabani of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan sit for a Transitional National Assembly meeting in ...
Hajim al-Hassani, former speaker of the Iraqi parliament, believes that elections or changing leaders will not solve the problems in Iraq. “We need to establish the state institutions,” he said in an interview with Rudaw. “These laws will create a sound foundation for an institutionalized state.” Remarking on the ...
The coalition is the successor to the United Iraqi Alliance (U.I.A.), the Shiite coalition that dominated the 2005 election but fell apart soon after. It is now the main Shiite opposition to Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, and includes the powerful Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (I.S.C.I.) and the political ...
The Struggle for Iraq. GUIDE: WHO'S WHO IN IRAQ. Jalal Talabani · Overview · A look at the key players in post-Saddam Iraq. TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT. President: Jalal Talabani · Deputies: Yawer and Mahdi · PM hopeful: Ibrahim Jaafari · Speaker: Hajim al-Hassani. ISLAMIC GROUPS AND ...
Hajim al-Hassani may have been voted in as speaker of Iraq's parliament more because of who he is not, rather than who he is. The grey-bearded 50-year-old took the position reserved for a Sunni Arab by a large majority of 215 votes out of 241 deputies present. He was one of only two Sunni Arab MPs ...
Some Iraqi lawmakers have called for the release of the prisoners at Abu Ghraib, and the National Assembly's newly elected speaker, Hajim al-Hassani, told Al-Jazeera television the topic will be among the first discussed by lawmakers. "There are some problems regarding the security issue and troubles ...
After days of negotiations, lawmakers said Sunday they had agreed to hold a secret ballot to elect Industry Minister Hajim al-Hassani, a Sunni Arab, as parliament speaker, with former nuclear scientist Hussain al-Shahristani and Kurdish leader Aref Taifour expected to be his deputies. Lawmakers also ...
The 45-year-old US-educated moderate Sunni and a former exile has strong ties to Washington, although he has been sharply critical of the coalition. He has said the US-drafted resolution gives Iraqis too little control over the coalition troops that will stay. Only "full and complete sovereignty would be ...


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