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US-led Coalition forces in Iraq
British coalition forces Coalition troops from the Republic of Georgia
Italian troops in Iraq
Japanese forces in Iraq
mercenaries in Iraq
Polish Coalition soldiers
Spanish troops in Iraq Ukranian soldiers in Iraq
US-led forces in Baghdad
105th Military Police Battalion
120th Engineer Battalion
160th Military Police Battalion
1st Armored Division
1st Cavalry
US Army\'s 1st Infantry Division
1st Marine expeditionary force, Iraq
1st Marine Regiment 205th Military Intelligence Brigade
2nd Marine Expeditionary Force
320th Military Police Battalion
372nd Military Police Company
4th Infantry Division
75th Exploitation Task Force 800th Brigade
abuse of Iraqis
US casualties in Iraq deserters from the US military
Marine Wing Support Squadron 373
US military operations in Iraq Task Force 121
Task Force 20
Task Force 6-26
US bases in Iraq



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Coalition forces in Iraq