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updated Sat. March 30, 2024

Russian-Iranian consortium will develop two oil fields near the Iraqi border, after signing a contract with National Iranian Oil Company for 740 million USD. The agreement provides for a daily yield of 48,000 barrels of crude oil for its 10-year period of operation from the Aban and West Paydar oil fields in the ...
The defeat of IS - remnants are still active near the Syrian-Iraqi border and parts of northern Iraq - has reportedly renewed a sense of national identity amongst large parts of the population. Slogans like 'Iraq is one' were prominently displayed on Iraqi television during military operations against IS. “There is ...

The helicopter crashed near Al Qaim, a town along Euphrates River along the Iraqi border that was recently wrested from the Islamic State's control. The Islamic State still controls towns along the Euphrates on the Syrian side of the border. Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of ...
An Iraqi Parliament member for Diyala Province, Forat al-Tamimi, speaking to al-Sumeriya news agency, said five members of the Iraqi Border Police, including two officers, were killed in an ambush by IS militants east of the province. He added that the border police members were targeted on the Mandali-Baladroz road ...
Now the coalition is helping the Syrian Democratic Forces to finish off IS remnants in eastern Syria near the Iraqi border. IS global ideology. Cattler said IS ideology continues to resonate globally as it tries to adjust to the losses in the region. In Syria, he warned that gains are threatened by increased ...
AMMAN — Around 80 Jordanian trucks laden with various types of commodities unload their freight at the Jordanian-Iraqi border every day, with the number expected to rise sharply soon, the Jordan Truck Owners Association said on Monday. “Currently, there is back-to-back unloading at the borders, ...

The Kurdish-led S.D.F. was the driving force last fall in routing the Islamic State from its self-proclaimed headquarters in Raqqa and chasing insurgents fleeing south along the Euphrates River Valley to the Iraqi border. That fight now is largely reliant on Syrian Arab fighters who make up a majority of the ...
As the Syrian Democratic Forces pull out of positions along the Syrian-Iraqi border and civilians return to the nearby town of Qaim, several remaining security forces are coordinating to maintain the peace. MAHMUD SALEH/AFP/Getty Images. An Iraqi security forces member holds position as they advance ...
At least 20 Iraqi smugglers were killed in an ambush by Daesh terrorists on Wednesday on the Syrian side of the two countries' shared border, according to an Iraqi military source. Army Colonel Waleed al-Dulaimi said the smugglers had attempted to drive a convoy of trucks from Syrian territory into the ...
Peshmerga forces, Falah Mustafa told Al-Monitor in a November interview, are already integrated with the Iraqi border force and taking directions from Baghdad. “We already have border guards,” Mustafa said. “Border guards are wearing Iraqi uniforms, they are on the payroll of the Iraqi government, they ...

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Iraqi border guards free nearly a dozen Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters from ISIS in western Anbar near the Iraq-Syria border ... Hashd al-Shaabi announced that upon the command of the Hashd al-Shaabi Operations Command, the Iraqi border guards freed 11 SDF fighters from ISIS on ...
BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:25 P.M.) – Iraqi forces have foiled a huge Islamic State offensive launched against their border positions from inside Syria almost being overrun at first but holding out long enough for air support to arrive an annihilate the terrorist onslaught. On early Tuesday morning, Islamic State ...
Authorities agreed to reopen the border crossings temporarily on condition that a quality control office ensured goods exchanged at the locations meet standards in line with customs regulations that govern official crossings, he explained. According to the Iranian consul general in Erbil, the Iraqi border patrol guards gave 72 ...
Soldiers hold the Turkish and Iraqi flags while standing in the turret of a Turkish armored vehicle participating in a military exercise near the Turkish-Iraqi border in Şırnak, Sept. 26, 2017.
Fighters loyal to the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) have attempted to relive their self-proclaimed caliphate by taking advantage of fleeing U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish forces to storm the Iraqi border, according to local reports. A group of ISIS fighters active in one of the group's last remaining bastions in ...
In an official statement, the Iraqi Border Crossing Authority said it had arrested three Iranians who each carried an estimated 20 grams of the illegal Trika drug, commonly known as Xanax. The border security added it had also detained two Iraqis coming from Iran who were in possession of 40 grams of ...


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