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updated Thu. December 29, 2022

Polish soldiers and their allies in countries where the Poles have been deployed, namely in Bosnia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Latvia, Romania, Afghanistan and Iraq, are also set to run to commemorate Poland's so-called Cursed Soldiers. In Warsaw alone, some 3,000 people took part in five- and ten-kilometre ...

The US cuts its forces in Iraq moving them to Afghanistan, where the situation is getting worse, and NATO is right here to fill the gap under the pretext of training and increased military aid. With military presence, which goes hand in hand with training missions, the alliance is on its way to prevent Iraq from ...
Part of a broader international effort to help rebuild Iraq as combat operations wind down, the NATO military alliance will train Iraqi soldiers as they clear unexploded remnants of war left behind by Daesh, but will not provide troops for combat. “We will go to a consistent mission in Iraq,” US Secretary of ...
Having served in the Polish army for 28 years, Smal is an expert in the fields of logistics and transportation systems in military and emergency operations and is the author or co-author of more than 180 scientific articles. Previously, he took part in Operation Iraqi Freedom and was a visiting scholar at the ...
US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis sent a letter to NATO headquarters in January calling for a formal NATO mission to Iraq with a semi-permanent or permanent command to train Iraqi forces, according to five senior NATO diplomats. After a three-year war with Islamic State, Washington wants to ensure the ...


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