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updated Thu. May 30, 2024

In Syria, the Kremlin will eventually have to deal with Washington, whose coalition forces control about one-third of Syria, including most of the oil wealth. Italy plans to propose to ... Participants from Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine attended the workshop in January 2018. (NNSA ...

With an exceptional military upbringing and ROTC career for the previous 10 years, he was immediately called to Fort Benning, Georgia, to begin the intensive ... His mission there is to train U.S. coalition forces and NATO allies along the Russian border in defense against any encroachment by Russia.
Since Russia's invasion of eastern Ukraine in 2014, NATO has bolstered its forces in the Baltic region with what it calls its “enhanced forward presence”. By last summer, the alliance had a total of 4,530 troops near the border with Russia in four battlegroups led by Germany (in Lithuania), Britain (in Estonia), ...
A coalition of environmental groups that includes the Natural Resources Defense Council, Greenpeace, Oceana, League of Conservation Voters, and others have joined forces to fight the U.S. Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's proposed five-year oil and gas leasing program. Trump's proposal ...
He comes to Fort Eustis after commanding the 18th Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg, and leading U.S.-led coalition forces in Iraq and Syria. Under his watch between August ... Running TRADOC will have a far different pace than the battle rhythm of leading troops into combat. Townsend said he recognizes as ...
Especially when that big firm tussles with the NRA, one of the most influential forces in Georgia politics. “Some social conservatives ... Two separate coalitions have sprung up capitalizing on that theme: a local “Adios Amazon” coalition and a national organization that calls itself No Gay? No Way! The critics ...
Carr has united with a 20-state coalition urging a federal judge in Fort Worth to declare the ACA's individual mandate unconstitutional and to enjoin enforcement of the entire law. The complaint, filed late Monday, argued that the ACA, as recently amended, “forces an unconstitutional and irrational regime ...


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