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updated Sat. April 6, 2024

Both said the tax cut bill was a prime example of how entrenched politicians like Barrasso bent to the will of their party and political donors and lied to their ... As the son of a coal miner, Dodson wants Wyoming to continue to push the modernization of its minerals industry using new applications for natural ...

Delaware passed sweeping enabling legislation as part of its blockchain initiative, only for progress to stall and the initiative to be put on hold – arguably for in-state political reasons. With Wyoming, there is an important distinction in that the Secretary of State is obligated by the legislation to establish rules ...
Starting in 2002, Buchanan served a decade in the Wyoming House of Representatives, including two years as House speaker. Buchanan ... The other two finalists chosen by the Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee were Cheyenne attorney Darin Smith and Park County farmer Richard George.
Even though Wyoming, Montana and Idaho are considered inconsequential flyover states in the electoral map of America, court decisions involving redistricting, especially recent rulings in Pennsylvania, have huge consequences for the U.S. House of Representatives. Not long ago, I had a conversation ...
In a contentious vote Tuesday, the Senate removed the immunity provision and brought the measure inline with current Wyoming law, which allows individuals to use force in self-defense but only if doing so is reasonable. Prosecutors may still bring charges against someone who claims to have acted in ...
In Wyoming, vacancies are filled by appointment. The law states that the political party of the most recent incumbent chooses three candidates for the seat, and the governor appoints one of those candidates to the position. The Wyoming Republican Party has until Feb. 24 to choose its three nominees.
Shadwell said the initiative has been popular on all sides of the political spectrum, especially as the impact of "big money interests" from inside and outside Wyoming becomes more apparent in the state's elections. During a panel last summer on money in politics, Rep. Dan Zwonitzer, R-Cheyenne, said he ...
... to this year's session. To stay on top of new developments as they happen, make sure to check and follow our legislative coverage on Facebook and Twitter. Finally, sign up for the weekly 307 Politics newsletter for a Monday morning round-up of political news from around the state.
The Jonah Business Center in Cheyenne pictured Monday morning, Feb. 12, 2018 as the Wyoming Legislature opens the 2018 budget session. The office building is serving as the Legislature's temporary home as renovations to the Wyoming Capitol continue. Alan Rogers, Star-Tribune. Facebook · Twitter ...
Existing law does not include any blanket requirement that people retreat when attacked and allows individuals in Wyoming to use force in self-defense so long as it is reasonable. However, prosecutors can argue in court that a person overreacted to a perceived threat and should have left the scene rather ...


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