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updated Sat. December 24, 2022

Italian voters go to the polls on March 4 in a vote that has some striking similarities to Germany's political scene right now. Italy and Germany are not countries that could usually be lumped together when it comes to politics. One is known for its disordered political scene (Italy is infamous for having had 65 ...

The German elections in September 2017 have not yet lead to a new government, as the political elite is struggling to agree on a governing coalition. ... A right-wing populist and eurosceptic party like the AfD with a large influence on German politics, even if not part of a governing coalition, would worsen ...
Most everyone at this year's Davos-but-for-geopolitics confab was fixated on just how badly Merkel negotiated the tentative agreement for another “grand coalition,” Germany's third since 2005. In order to get the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) to join Merkel's center-right party in government, Merkel had ...
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, leader of the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), gives a press conference in Berlin on February 7, 2018. ... Germany's government coalition talks a few weeks ago, the euro zone's largest economy and defacto leader is facing much more political uncertainty ...
German politics are set for a change. September's election saw the country's two political behemoths take a fall, while a slew of smaller parties grew in number and strength. The country's political landscape is fracturing and will make creating functioning coalition governments increasingly complex.
POLITICS has broken out in Germany. It has taken the country's leading parties an unprecedented four-and-a-half months to reach a coalition deal. The Social Democratic (SPD) grass roots are in revolt and may veto the new government in their upcoming vote, the result of which is due on March 4th.
“Just Merkel's method. Any compromise, just to get by.” At the same time, the new generation's stance is different from the identity politics of many young American political activists; if anything, these young Germans agree with Mark Lilla's argument that liberalism has slipped “into a moral panic about racial, ...


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