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updated Tue. April 2, 2024

Hawaiian language finds new prominence in Hawaii's courts decades after near disappearance ... Because we are a resilient people, we are still here, with our language, our voice, our politics, and our aloha for our place and the world, we will be heard and not forced to use any language but the one of our ...

WASHINGTON — He felt stung by the politics that helped define his life — and resolved to keep a distance. But in death, the Rev. Billy Graham is getting a rare tribute from the nation's top political leaders under Capitol Rotunda. President Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority ...
(CNN) -- Cindy and Meghan McCain spoke out Wednesday against President Donald Trump's remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference last week, calling his remarks about Sen. John McCain "incredibly hurtful." Speaking at CPAC, Trump referenced the Arizona Republican's July vote ...
Reporting legends Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward on Wednesday compared the drama surrounding President Donald Trump's White House with the scandals that plagued the Nixon administration. By Sophie Tatum CNN. WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Reporting legends Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward ...
(CNN) -- A political appointee at the Department of Interior resigned Wednesday after CNN's KFile flagged inflammatory comments she made on Facebook and Twitter. Christine Bauserman, a former Republican activist in Arizona who also worked for President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, served as a ...
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Several Supreme Court justices seemed troubled on Wednesday with the breadth of a Minnesota law that prohibits individuals from wearing political apparel at a polling place, but struggled at times as they discussed a more workable solution. During an hour of arguments, they ...
Hawaii's powerful public-sector unions are bracing for a U.S. Supreme Court decision that could weaken their collective bargaining efforts for tens of thousands of local workers and, ultimately, their sway on the islands' political landscape. On Monday, the nation's highest court heard arguments in Janus v.
It's a big step for Hee, who entered politics as a Hawaiian rights activist and later became one of the first Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustees. Those rough and tumble years ... So I don't think he's just a spoiler,” said University of Hawaii political science Professor Colin Moore. For Hee, attracting young voters ...
Organizers said about 10,000 people attended the 3rd Annual Hawaii Cannabis Expo at the Blaisdell Center over the weekend. MOREAdditional LinksPoll. Thousands head to the Blaisdell for 3rd annual Hawaii Cannabis Expo · Thousands head to the Blaisdell for 3rd annual Hawaii Cannabis Expo.
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Adam Schiff's profile is on the rise in Democratic politics -- but nobody seems to know what the California congressman will do next. Until recently, Schiff was a well-regarded, but low-profile lawmaker in a Los Angeles market where he had to compete with two dozen other members ...


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