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updated Sat. June 1, 2024

Some will protest: U.S. weapons safeguard innocent people from tyrannical aggressors. Oh, really? Where are the surveys of conflict participants to evaluate that fairytale assumption? Where are the social impact statements of arms exports? How many killed by U.S. arms deserved death? What's the use of ...
Since Ankara launched the operation, codenamed “Olive Branch,” in Syria's Afrin on January 20, the Turkish military have reportedly confiscated US weapons from terrorist groups, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashing out at its NATO ally. "You did not give us weapons when we asked for them but ...

The Washington-based Security Assistance Monitor said the weapons went to Saudi Arabia and the UAE through the State Department's Direct Commercial Sales program, which allows American arms-makers to sell directly to foreign customers. US weapons contractors reportedly sold $610 million in ...
How Brazil's 'Lord Of Guns' Armed Rio's Drug War With U.S. Weapons. Weak U.S. laws mean it's not just our guns being trafficked; it's our gun violence, too. By Travis Waldron. HuffPost Illustration/Getty Images ...
Turkey expects U.S. to take back weapons handed to PKK-affiliated People's Protection Forces (YPG) in Syria and will discuss the issue in the meeting scheduled for March 8 and 9 on the situation in Syria and the northern town of Manbij, Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hami Aksoy said Tuesday.

"It is hard to say how the self-proclaimed republics may react to the supply of U.S. weapons to the conflict zone ... They might deploy weapons to other areas of the conflict that are sensitive for those who create problems for them.” That's a thinly-veiled threat, in light of U.S. assessments of the conflict.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says the first delivery of lethal defensive weaponry from the United States is expected in weeks. In a press conference in Kyiv on February 28, Poroshenko talked about the recent U.S. decision to supply Ukraine with such sophisticated weaponry. "The first delivery of ...

When it comes to advancements in weapons for the United States, ideas that are present in science fiction movies or novels have, over time, evolved from fantasy to reality. Stealth aircrafts, lasers, hypersonic missiles and railguns are slowly moving from weapons only being used in science fiction towards ...
WATCH Weapons cache found at home of Md. teen accused of bringing gun to school, police say. 0 Shares. Email. A cache of weapons and an apparent list of grievances were discovered at the home of a Maryland teenager arrested last week for allegedly bringing a loaded pistol and a knife to his high ...
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - A wide assortment of US-supplied weapons ended up for sale on an online terrorist marketplace in Syria, a CNN investigation revealed on Tuesday. "Grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, thermal sniper scopes and body armor all appear on the jihadist channels, which also ...
North Korea blasted the U.S. over a recent report showing it to be by far the world's largest arms exporter, potentially fueling new tensions as supreme leader Kim Jong Un prepares to meet President Donald Trump. A commentary published Monday by official ruling Korean Workers' Party Central ...
On Monday morning, Turkish Deputy PM claimed "terrorist groups" left weapons behind after Turkish forces captured Syria's Afrin on Sunday. As a result, Turkey collected most of the weapons given to the Kurdish YPG by the U.S.. Dozens of Turkey's Kurdish and leftist groups appealed to world powers on ...
President Donald Trump focused on the tens of billions of dollars in arms sales to Saudi Arabia in remarks before a meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Trump asked the crown prince to share his nation's wealth and create American jobs by purchasing more weapons. The request comes ...
US Army General Joseph Votel admitted that the US does not monitor how the weapons it supplies to Saudi Arabia are used in Yemen. Over 10,000 Yemeni civilians have died in the conflict since 2015. During a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren ...
U.S. weapons that flow to nations like Iraq and Syria have also come under fire. Following the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, a number of hardline Sunni Muslim groups became active and some of the most violent ones, especially Al-Qaeda in Iraq, united to form the Islamic State militant group (ISIS). The group ...


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