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updated Sat. May 25, 2024

Shanahan said he looks at the Fourth Estate in three different segments: intelligence, acquisition, and business operations such as health care, information technology and so on. “The way I tend to think about it is, 'How do we restructure ourselves so we can be much more productive and much more ...
Additionally, the high demand for SATCOM equipment from NASA, the US Department of Defense, and the private sector, along with the rising demand for uninterrupted communication in the defense sector fuel the SATCOM equipment market in North America. General Dynamics Corporation (US), ...

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is stepping outside its military know-how for some expert help on offensive drones. Tapping ... "Anecdotal information of drone incidents near military bases are leaving military security personnel with insufficient details about the nature of airspace threats," says Joerg ...
It is a hands-free system that uses Bluetooth technology to capture data, including patient information, inventory and arrival times. Normally, when treating patients on the front line, medics often must transcribe patient information on cards or memorize the data. The new technology will help speed up the ...
The total project is a collaborative effort among Air Guard EIS units, military civil engineer teams, 156th Communications Flight, Defense Information Systems Agency and commercial service providers to provide a cost-effective solution to bolster and protect the 156th AW's communication infrastructure.
The U.S. Department of Defense expressed interest in the hacking talents of Reuben Paul, a 12-year-old who can tell us a lot about the state of cybersecurity. IoT devices like ... Reuben used a Raspberry Pi and Bluetooth devices to show how easy it is to gain personal information from IoT devices.

Credibility, understanding, relationships and exposure are the four foundations needed to build joint leaders, and the Joint Staff is looking at a program to build joint senior enlisted leaders. Joint Chiefs of Staff seal. DoD graphic. Joint Chiefs of Staff seal. Joint Chiefs of Staff seal. DoD graphic. Download ...
He highlighted recent successes of the command, including the first joint force headquarters in the Department of Defense Information Network achieving full operational capability, as well as Joint Task Force Ares successfully integrating cyberspace operations into the broader military campaign to defeat ...
“Because if we can do that – if we can gather information faster, decide faster and act faster, then we are going to prevail in 21st-century conflict. I think we are on the cusp of being able to think and move in that direction.” “What distinguishes our military, what makes us the premier fighting force in the world ...
The Dallas-Fort Worth area will see a piece of an $876 million contract from the U.S. Department of Defense involving The Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) and Palantir ... This proposal was written and submitted from another one of the company's business units, its intelligence and information systems.

The Defense Information Systems Agency's second venture into groundbreaking commercial service-based cloud infrastructure gets the green light. ... Last June, the U.S. Department of Defense awarded a $498 million support contract to CSRA, Falls Church, Virginia, to supply, develop, manage and roll ...
The U.S. Department of Defense has released official video from a 2015 U.S. Navy encounter with an unidentified flying object off of the East Coast to a scientific research group. ... It notes that the date, exact location and other information have been removed from the video per the government's request.
During a symposium hosted by the Defense Information Systems Agency in December, Army Lt. Gen. Alan R. Lynn, a former DISA director, listed the benefits to cloud-based computing. “You build a lake of information that you can pull from, and that's a big benefit that helps with warfighting,” he said.
The Defense Department's information technology move to the cloud will rapidly deliver advantages to the battlefield by enabling new machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, Dana W. White, chief Pentagon spokesperson, told reporters today. White said the existing DoD IT infrastructure is a ...
The Defense Department is honoring nine winners with the 2018 Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards for exceptional environmental achievements and innovative, cost-effective environmental practices. The department has honored individuals, teams and installations each year since 1962 for ...
Pavel Gerasimov, Russia's chief of defense – is the use of information operations, troop movements, propaganda, economic moves and diplomacy to gain Russian President Vladimir Putin's objectives. It is a “way to influence development in a number of countries,” Pavel said. “This is a new reality we have ...
Google's pilot project with the Defense Department's Project Maven, an effort to identify objects in drone footage, has not been previously reported, but it was discussed widely within the company last week when information about the project was shared on an internal mailing list, according to sources who ...


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