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updated Tue. April 9, 2024

But when I arrived at Parris Island in June 2014 to command Fourth Battalion — the only training unit for enlisted female recruits in the Marine Corps — I saw something that shocked me. Lined up behind the female formation stood a conspicuous row of chairs. I was told that if any of these women who were ...
U.S. Marines with 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division test Step In Visor and Low Profile Mandible during Urban Advanced Naval Technology Exercise 2018 (ANTX-18) at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, March 21, 2018. The Marines have been provided the opportunity ...

A Marine Corps veteran who was confined to a wheelchair after a series of strokes is now walking this week. But it took him a while to get to this point--plenty of rehab and lots of determination. David Villarreal, the former Marine Sergeant who served from 1981 to 1990, and a long time Texas resident, ...
In their race to field a more powerful automatic rifle, the Marine Corps sidestepped the normal acquisition process and approved a contract to buy them at price tag five times that of the current M4 rifle. The $150 million deal, which may have involved a government employee who recently worked at the ...
The Marine Corps was notified of the death of Lt. Col. Adam L. Collier, commanding officer of 4th Reconnaissance Battalion, on March 11, officials with MarForRes told The battalion, which falls under the 4th Marine Division, is based in San Antonio, Texas. A spokeswoman for MarForRes, 1st.
The Marine Corps just released specification of what in their view would be the ideal mega-drone. The unmanned aircraft would be able to perform Verticle-Take-Off-and-Landing (VTOL), fly up to a 700-mile radius with a full payload of 9,500 pounds at a cruising speed from 200kt to 300kt (370 km/h to 556 ...

On January 6, 2011, after spending approximately $3 billion in developmental funding, the Marine Corps cancelled the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) program due to poor reliability demonstrated during operational testing and excessive cost growth. Because the EFV was intended to replace the ...
The Marine Corps Reserve can't keep enough prior-service Marines to stay in to fill reserve billets for the first time in recent years, an unexpected recruiting failure that is rankling the service's manpower bosses, Task & Purpose has learned. Maj. Gen. Paul Kennedy, the commanding general for Marine ...
The U.S. Marine Corps has completely removed 120mm mortars from its combat units, along with the small trucks and other components that make up the full Expeditionary Fire Support System, or EFSS. The service is now looking to refocus at least some of the funds and other resources from that program ...
Yutaka Fujii, a civilian K-9 handler with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, passes a ball to his canine at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan, March 12, 2018. The training brought Japanese K-9 handlers from the JMSDF Kure Repair and Supply Facility Petroleum Terminal unit and the Hiroshima ...

In the service: Woodstock resident Jeffrey Thibault, 43, served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a communications specialist before signing on in 1999 with the state Judicial Marshal agency. Thibault was born in Rhode Island and grew up in Putnam, where he attended Putnam High School. After enlisting in the ...
The U.S. Marine Corps has launched an investigation after confidential information linked to more than 20,000 “soldiers and civilians” was exposed online. The U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve sent an unencrypted email on Monday containing an attachment that held sensitive data, including partial ...
Maj. Robert Guyette, F-35 Pax River Integrated Test Force test pilot, preps for takeoff during one of the developmental tests at sea last year. Guyette was named Test Pilot of the Year by the John Glenn Squadron of the Marine Corps Aviation Association at NAS Patuxent River Feb. 8. Photo courtesy of ...
The Marine Corps may have inadvertently breached sensitive personal data involving more than 21,000 Marines, sailors and civilians. A spokesman told the Marine Corps Times the spillage happened when a document was sent over unencrypted email to the wrong distribution list, which included at least ...
It has also been updated to clarify that the Initial Operational Capability declaration could be made after outfitting two units with the training and spares needed to sustain the early radars delivered to the Marine Corps, but that initial operational test and evaluation is pending the delivery of later lots with a ...
... substance reportedly contained in an envelope that was opened at the base on Tuesday afternoon. An emergency task force was sent to Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall after an “envelope containing an unknown substance” was opened, according to a statement from a Marine Corps spokesperson that ...


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