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updated Tue. June 25, 2024

Adding insult to injury, the Bush administration labeled North Korea as part of an “axis of evil,” wiping out any goodwill that may have been generated by the previous administration. This chain of events and American reluctance to reengage North Korea no doubt motivated South Korean President Kim ...
It was around this time that Bush's administration really honed its focus on how to end the North Korean nuclear threat. Bush's Under Secretary of Defense for Policy ... across the two Koreas. But why is that? Why is an outdated policy still so favored and at the forefront of Washington's North Korea policy?

Clearly, the Trump administration is not as tight a ship as the Obama administration (in which Schulman served) or even the Bush administration before it. But this ... If Pyongyang doesn't know who in the White House speaks for Trump, or what the US's North Korea policy actually is, this could lead them to ...
The Bush administration—and Bolton—had wildly overplayed their cards and were ultimately forced to stand down and appeal to Beijing to get the Six-Party Talks going. Bolton had another cameo appearance ... North Korea policy will ultimately be decided by Presidential whim. In the end, Bolton is not the ...
In an unprecedented diplomatic move, the President seemingly outsourced U.S. North Korea policy by having South Korean envoy Chung Eui-yong .... Kim Jong Il, after all, successfully dragged out negotiations with the Clinton administration (Agreed Framework) and second Bush Administration (Six-Party ...
... appointment of hardliner John Bolton as National Security Adviser on Thursday may have particular impact North Korea policy as Bolton has taken, arguably, a harder line against the state than any other Washington figure in recent years. Having served in the George W. Bush administration that famously ...

Twenty-five years of “pressure and diplomacy” have “failed” to halt the North's pursuit of nuclear weapons, the former George W. Bush administration ... Once ensconced in his West Wing office, Bolton could surprise everyone and become a convert to a North Korea policy of pressure and engagement.
The deal fell apart when the Bush administration took over and accused North Korea of clandestinely developing a uranium enrichment programme or another ... US Special Representative for North Korea Policy Joseph Yun arrives at a meeting with the media in Bangkok, Thailand December 15, 2017.
Bolton is a well-known hardliner on North Korea, who during his time in the Bush administration referred to members of the State Department's East Asia Bureau as the “EAPeasers” for favoring diplomacy rather than force. He has repeatedly called for the military option against Pyongyang's nuclear and ...
Georgetown professor Victor Cha's expected nomination as the U.S. ambassador to South Korea was abruptly scrapped after he privately shared criticism of President Donald Trump's North Korea policy. With no known candidates in consideration for the empty post, two current and former deans of ...
The George W. Bush administration made a breakthrough in 2007 when Pyongyang promised to begin dismantling its nuclear program during six-party talks ... Wendy Sherman, who was the North Korea policy coordinator during the Clinton administration and lead negotiator with Iran for the nuclear deal, ...
... of course, would be a positive sign,” said Sherman, who served as North Korea policy coordinator during the Clinton administration and most recently as ... to North Korea, according to Christopher Hill who led the U.S. delegation to nuclear talks with North Korea during the George W. Bush administration.
Three chapters on the Obama era, the third of which I'm just starting. The first Obama chapter documents how he attempted to pivot away from the Bush administration's North Korea policy on style but held faithful to it on substance. That was a dead letter with Kim Jong Il, who proceeded with his nuclear and ...
Pushed by conservative hard-liners, U.S. President Bill Clinton appointed William Perry to lead a North Korea Policy Review. ... 2007, between President Roh Moo-hyun and Kim Jong-il, found some hints of resolution in relations as the Bush administration took a step back from its confrontational stance that ...
I ranted about this a bit on twitter over the weekend, but what we're witnessing is an open split between the United States and South Korea over North Korea policy. It's not the first time; this happened in the early years of the George W. Bush administration too. Both sides have an interest in papering over ...
As has been widely reported, the previously presumed appointment of Victor Cha as the next ambassador was withdrawn last week, allegedly the result of a fundamental disagreement over North Korea policy between Cha on the one hand and President Donald Trump and his advisers on the other.
... Trump's North Korea policy. Can you talk about this nominee, Victor D. Cha? CHRISTINE AHN: Victor Cha is—I mean, what worries me so much is that Victor Cha is pretty well known to be pretty much a hawk. I mean, he's pretty hardline to the right. He served under the George W. Bush administration.

“The White House is so severely split into nationalists, members on political affairs, and internationalists, the National Security Council officials, over North Korea policy that they seldom have talks with each other,” said Michael Green, the senior vice president for Asia and Japan at the Center for Strategic and International ...
As a rising professor of international relations at Georgetown in the early 2000s, when Bush administration hardliners thought engaging North Korea .... Despite repeat predictions, North Korea never collapsed, but Cha continued to promulgate these views, seen as risky within North Korea policy circles.
Mr. Tillerson has developed a close relationship with Joseph Yun, the State Department's special representative for North Korea policy, who held the secret ... Michael J. Green, a National Security Council official in the George W. Bush administration, said, “some communication and consultation with North ...
Last week, President Trump named North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism, tagging the communist country with the label almost a decade after the Bush administration removed it. “In addition to threatening the .... So that really affects how China drafts its North Korea policy.” So what does China want?
If the White House wants to get its North Korea policy right, it must try and understand why the US's last best chance to resolve this crisis ultimately didn't .... This only worsened under Washington's next regime: in 2002, the Bush administration's Nuclear Posture Review listed North Korea as one country the ...
McMaster's friend Eliot Cohen, who was a senior official in the George W. Bush Administration, told me that, although they have not spoken about the general's motives, he thinks ...... Joseph Yun, the U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Policy, quit at the end of February and was not replaced. Trump ...
Perhaps the Trump-Kim meeting will yield concrete North Korean steps toward disarmament, but I do not know a single experienced North Korea-policy veteran who thinks that is likely. ... He served as the senior National Security Council official on Asia policy during the George W. Bush administration.
A top U.S. diplomat overseeing North Korea policy is retiring, the State Department confirmed Monday, a decision that could further hobble U.S. efforts to pressure ... Victor Cha, an expert on the Koreas who served in the George W. Bush administration, was the leading candidate for that position, but he was ...


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