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updated Sat. May 25, 2024

It gives the airlines a set timeline to comply with the demands, threatening that if not obeyed, the matter will be referred to “the relevant cyber-security authorities” for punishment, a source with access to the letter told Foreign Policy. The websites of both United and American list airports in Taiwan only as ...
The president has repeatedly slammed the agreement, calling it one of the worst deals ever made. Merkel was also expected press the United States to grant the European Union a permanent exemption from U.S. import tariffs on steel and aluminum. Those duties are slated to go into effect on May 1.

Hollow summits between North Korea, South Korea, and the United States only serve to benefit the North. ... We are now preparing to enter the next stage of our plan to secure international status as a nuclear weapons state and to begin decoupling the U.S. alliance from the puppet regime in Seoul.
China has long feared that India is being lured into a U.S.-led alliance meant to contain China and block its rise to superpower status. ... industrial policy “Made in China 2025” have conveyed to Beijing that it cannot count on the continued inflow of American foreign direct investment and open market access ...
The State Department authorization bill is the one opportunity Congress has to outline U.S. foreign-policy priorities and strategies, and marry them to dollar figures. If it's not passed, the State Department still gets money through the appropriations committees, but without the formal policy guidance of ...
Lawmakers in the United States have been pushing the Trump administration to crack down on Russia, and now they're setting their sights on ... that go to the heart of Congress's worries over the Kremlin, whether it be election interference or disinformation,” a Democratic Senate aide tells Foreign Policy.

American leaders like to portray the United States as an exemplar of ethical conduct in the international system. The reality is far different, and it has been for decades. Throughout the Cold War, the United States embraced extremely repressive rulers, including the Shah of Iran, Nicaragua's Somoza family, ...
Two weeks ago, Donald Trump indicated he might reconsider the reversal of his first major foreign policy decision as U.S. president: the United States' withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). In his customary way, he then went on to reverse his reversal on April 18, declaring on Twitter 'I don't ...
But confirming him may improve U.S. foreign policy. ... Senator Bob Menendez — the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — strongly opposed Pompeo's nomination, citing his lack of candor, alarming outlook on human rights and preference for ... “The American people deserve better.
The framework ultimately failed because North Korea continued a covert nuclear program, prompting President George W. Bush's administration to withdraw. In negotiating the JCPOA, the Obama administration drew two lessons from this failure: First, the United States and allies should seek a deal that ...
CYR: Turmoil at the top in U.S. foreign policy ... Unnerving gyrations continue at the top of United States foreign policy officialdom. ... in the Truman administration, Henry Kissinger in the Nixon and Ford administrations, and James Baker in the George H.W. Bush administration all demonstrated this capacity.
We must never forget that the two most significant foreign-policy disasters in the modern history of the United States, the war in Iraq and the war in Vietnam, ... Johnson's administration misled both Congress and the American people into that war, just as the Bush administration misled us into the war in Iraq.
Iran's second, more moderate group of policy-makers recognizes both that the country's own actions have contributed to infectious conflict and that the United States has legitimate concerns about Iranian policies. An American acceptance of Iran's inclusion in the regional security architecture can be ...
After 9/11, in what came to be known as “extraordinary rendition,” the United States apprehended scores of foreign nationals accused of terrorism, many of whom it then sent to third countries for harsh treatment, including torture ... U.S. officials fear that China will soon attempt a kidnapping on American soil.
But the Asia-Pacific countries that were eager a year ago to hold the door open for the United States are now busy building their own trading order ... as the Trump administration struggles to tweak existing pacts such as the North American Free Trade Agreement and the free trade deal with South Korea.
In his previous capacities during the George W. Bush administration, he served in two prominent positions heavily related to Israel – undersecretary of state for arms control and international security affairs from 2001 to 2005, and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations for a year and a half, in 2005 and ...
One warhead fell within a few hundred meters of Terminal 5 at Riyadh's King Khalid International Airport. The second warhead, fired a few weeks later, nearly demolished a Honda dealership. In both cases, it was clear to us that, despite official Saudi claims, neither missile was shot down. I am not even ...

Now McMaster is out as head of the National Security Council, and Trump has tapped John Bolton — a mustachioed firebrand for American interests above all else, and a noted foe of The United Nations. Bolton served as ambassador to the UN under President George W. Bush. Bolton has also been vocal ...
I came because the Boise Committee on Foreign Relations, a non-profit organization that facilitates dialogue on foreign policy, invited me to speak to its members about U.S. relations with Turkey. After a decade in Congress and the State Department, I am now writing about European policy in a think tank.
The question that remains, then, is what shape American foreign policy will take when Mattis inevitably exits stage left? ... during the 2016 election that Trump was combatting a 'Red-Green-Black' axis between 'the Left', the Black Lives Matter movement and the 'Islamists' to subvert the United States.
Steven A. Cook is the Eni Enrico Mattei senior fellow for Middle East and Africa studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. His new ... This makes leaders in the Middle East who have long relied on American security nervous that the United States is in decline, and they have thus begun to pursue, however ...
An expected, aggressive turn in US foreign policy led by incoming Secretary of State Mike Pompeo could trigger a loss of up to 1.4 million b/d in global crude ... But US sanctions on Venezuela's oil sector, specifically on exports to the US, could accelerate that decline, Francisco Monaldi, the Latin American ...
The United States' interests in Syria lie in formalizing its battlefield gains with a negotiated settlement and then leaving the country. To achieve this ... Instead of getting dragged into yet more fighting in Syria, Washington should be opposing Russia by pursuing a policy of dual containment toward the latter'.
EVEN by the reality-TV standards of this White House, the manner in which Rex Tillerson was sacked as secretary of state was jaw-dropping. President Donald Trump fired him by tweet, saying that he would be replaced by Mike Pompeo, director of the CIA. He did not call him until much later, nor did he ...
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is proposing a sweeping reassessment of U.S. foreign assistance with a view to punishing dozens of poor ... Policy” and marked sensitive, echoes Trump's oft-repeated claim that the world takes advantage of U.S. largesse while opposing American goals.
As analysts at the Brookings Institution described Bush's aggressive “revolution” in foreign policy, “other countries will either follow or get out of the way.” But such rhetoric, and indeed a defense of American manhood itself, led us as surely into the Spanish American War more than a century earlier, ...
And yet, as this primary global antagonist of American interests and values (who earlier this month announced new weapons aimed at the United States) stands for re-election in less than a week, if we look and listen around the U.S., what news coverage is there of this crucial event? Not much. Why?
Two months after the United States withheld $65 million in pledged funding to a U.N. agency that serves more than 5 million Palestinian refugees, no other country has stepped forward to increase its 2018 funding pledge. In an effort to address the sudden cutback in U.S. aid, ministers from nearly 90 ...
Trump's potential meeting with Kim Jong Un follows decades of mostly failed U.S. talks with the Hermit Kingdom. ... North Korea accused the United States of backing out of its end of the deal. ... Emily Tamkin is a staff writer at Foreign Policy covering ambassadorial and diplomatic affairs in Washington.
Viewing today's troubles as a new Cold War downplays the role that human agency and bad policy decisions have played in bringing the United States and Russia to the current impasse, distracts us from more important challenges, and discourages us from thinking creatively about how to move beyond ...
Since U.S. President Donald Trump took office just over a year ago, America's relationship with the European Union has been little more than an ... Whether it's on trade policy or security policy, America needs a strong, economically sound, and capable Europe with close ties to the United States.
In effect, our finest minds are using this president to avoid addressing the problems of American foreign policy. How did Mr. Trump manage to confound America's foreign policy mandarins? The trouble began during the campaign, when he pitted the United States against the world. On one level, this bluster ...
President B. Obama's Administration continued the same G. W. Bush's imperialistic policy of “Resource War” just embracing a more multilateral style of .... The ruling US Neo-Con establishment started to push the American foreign policy towards the US domination over Eurasia already from the second half ...
But the case speaks to a larger issue haunting the halls of the State Department, one many at Foggy Bottom know all too well, according to over a dozen women who spoke to Foreign Policy. The current and former State Department officials describe a culture in which patriotism and pursuit of the diplomatic ...
When U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sit down in the Oval Office this week, they will both have much on their minds: when and whether the United States will present a plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace, impending decisions on the future of the Iran nuclear deal, ...
When a U.S. president thinks most positions at the State Department are “unnecessary” and insists “I'm the only one that matters,” it's a safe bet that serious, ... The United States has had a rather casual attitude about diplomacy for much of its history, even though some of its greatest foreign-policy successes ...
Congress and the Trump administration must demonstrate to Ankara that even as the U.S.-Turkey relationship becomes more transactional, there are certain areas that will never be subject to a bargain. The United States will not negotiate over the rights of American citizens, or over the rule of law in the ...
Yet, since then, not only did a U.S. grand jury indict 13 Russians for fraud and other charges, but the U.S. intelligence community unanimously told Congress that Russia hasn't stopped interfering in American democracy. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats even testified before the Senate ...
There are sharper generational divisions on views about how the U.S. should balance its own interests and the interests of its allies, with the differences most pronounced between the oldest and youngest generational cohorts. Silents are divided over whether the United States should follow its own national ...
As for Obama, he did clearly think that the United States was facing a degree of strategic overstretch when he took office and was determined to induce a degree of restraint in U.S. policy. But like Bush, he was clearly committed to the basic idea of a liberal world order, and he undertook multiple initiatives ...
To be clear, I believe our federal bureaucracy is a huge national asset, and even something that makes the United States exceptional. My experience working within the bureaucracy — first, as a deputy assistant secretary of state, then as a U.S. ambassador — left me with huge respect for the thousands of ...
In January 2013, the student group sent a message, recently reviewed by Foreign Policy, to its members saying the compensation from Xi's welcome the previous ... The growing ties are also concerning U.S. government officials, who are wary of China's political and economic reach in the United States.
This is concerning because the United States needs advisors around President Trump who know and can inform the president when there is a comparatively harmless opportunity for him to hit back at his political opponents, so that he trusts his advisors when confronted with issues such as averting nuclear ...


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