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updated Tue. April 30, 2024

It was so gross.” City Hall workers would suffer through colds and allergies and air ducts were constantly cleaned, she said. Looking back · OCCUPY PALM BEACH When Occupy took residence at the Old Court House. “The other thing was the elevator. It kept getting stuck. I was in that City Hall for six years.

Is Occupy Palm Beach the next step? Stephen Schwarzman's party is about to get a lot bigger (via The New Florida Majority). Oddly enough, Schwarzman voiced regrets about his last birthday bash right before the great recession. “Obviously, I wouldn't have wanted to do that and become, you know, some ...
Either way, there's little space to accommodate distribution companies such as FedEx, or the construction-related companies that typically occupy Palm Beach County's industrial buildings. The flurry of new development “is much-needed,” Smith said. “I literally have lists of tenants who are looking for space ...
The group was aligned with the Occupy Palm Beach and Earth First movements, she said. “I think these people are wrong,” said passerby Bob Kaufmann, an island resident. “Why wouldn't they want more domestic energy production, along with the jobs and investment that come with this project, not to ...
There are two very distinct ways to think of the hedge fund managers meeting right now in Boca Raton for the annual GAIM USA conference. If you side with the Occupy Palm Beach protesters, you believe that they're responsible for the global financial crisis and that they serve as "pawns and agents of the ...


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