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updated Sat. June 15, 2024

If gun control becomes the gateway issue that entices distrustful millennials into the voting booth, America is in for a makeover. Never before has this country produced a generation with political views and demographic traits so different from those of its elders. On nearly every important issue — immigration, ...

Once upon a time, maybe in a different world, when we were kids, there were such things as Drive-In movies. You would make some popcorn; bring some snacks and dive to one of many Drive-In theaters. It was an inexpensive way to entertain the entire family. At some drive-ins it was buck night on ...
We have been working on it for three years now, teaching versions of it at SVA, UMass Amherst, and the University of Hartford, plus at invited workshops for ... When I was first asked to teach at The New School (it was the year of Occupy Wall Street), seven years ago, I had no idea that the skills I learned in ...
Windham County is just 50 miles from Hartford, but some of the region's political leaders say residents here have more in common with Trump voters in western Pennsylvania and Ohio ... “She sees her party with Occupy Wall Street, Antifah, Black Lives Matter, and that's turned her way off,'' Dauphinais said.
While explaining the book's methodology, Bray said his past experience with the protest movement Occupy Wall Street had helped him secure the participation of more than 60 current and former antifascists from several countries. Many of these people preferred to keep their identities private but spoke to ...
Rather, they represent a confluence of people inspired by immigrants' rights, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street and environment movements, he said. After speaking to some antifa leaders, Bray said he estimates that fewer than half of the counterdemonstrators in Charlottesville were antifa members.
So now, many police departments, like the one in Hartford, Connecticut, are incorporating overdose symptoms and Narcan use for dogs into their training. “Our officers wanted it for their dogs' safety,” Brian Foley, deputy chief of the Hartford Police Department, told the Associated Press. “They love their dogs ...
Dozens gathered in Boston; Hartford, Connecticut; and Seattle, while demonstrations were also scheduled later Wednesday in Savannah, Georgia, ... In New York, several unions endorsed the Occupy Wall Street movement and planned to join the protesters' street theater Wednesday, labor leaders said.


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