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updated Mon. June 17, 2024

Fallon was inspired to organize the climate march after he was arrested during an Occupy Des Moines protest near the Iowa Capitol. And 25 years before that, Fallon said he helped organize the Iowa leg of the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament, in which hundreds of people marched from ...

I went to Occupy Des Moines, and that was actually depressing. There was one old guy, who looked as though he could have been a forest ranger—decent, respectable, dependable, a moral citizen. But the rest were kind of circus freaks, and really weird. All nice, but a juggler, a kid who, you could tell by ...
CHICAGO — Foreign delegations are to arrive in this city over the weekend for a NATO summit meeting, the first such gathering to be held in the United States outside of Washington, and Chicago is bracing for all that will bring: thousands of international dignitaries, reporters and others; protesters from ...
As presidential candidates and journalists descend upon Iowa once again for the US' first set of caucuses, another group of individuals are hoping to grab attention. Occupy Iowa Caucus, a splinter group of Occupy Des Moines, has been busy organising activities that they hope will have a greater impact on ...


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