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updated Mon. May 13, 2024

While the commons may be a democratic and anti-capitalist practice, LECs are inherently exclusive. ... work to secure and govern an essential and decommodified resource necessary for the survival of the group, and, importantly, outside authorities respect the rights of that group to regulate the commons.

Over time, different words take on different meanings to different groups.” That's all true. The word “crusade” does have different ... In the last century or two, the story of the Crusades was rewritten to fit an anti-imperial, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist narrative. The European invasion of the Middle East was the ...
In short, the anti-globalization drive that is spreading across the Western world may be coming at exactly the wrong time — too late to do much to save the ... that country's entry into the World Trade Organization caused lasting pain to communities in the United States that competed with Chinese companies ...
Its donor list includes organizations well known for supporting fringe medicine and activist causes. As of September 2017, the backbone of its funding came from the Organic Consumers Association, which has contributed $479,500. OCA is an anti-technology group that opposes genetic engineering and ...
U.S. negotiators are rumored to be taking the position that if the NAFTA treaty is to prescribe uniform food labeling among member countries, that labeling should be done along the lines of the current U.S. federal scheme, meant primarily to inform consumers rather than scare them away from ...
The Traditionalist Worker Party is a white rights advocacy group that is anti-capitalist, anti-semitic and anti-diversity. The group's ultimate goal is the ... Heimbach spoke with KyCIR in September about his organization's plans to expand across Appalachia and the Midwest. He said the group planned to rely ...
A self- described anti-capitalist organization in Bellingham has revived claims that a Sumas berry farm caused a farm worker's death last summer while trying to organize a boycott of the farm's products. The Capital Press reports the group Community to Community Development emailed an “Action Alert” ...
The Weather Underground is an on-line site that “provides local & long range weather forecasts, weather reports, maps & tropical weather conditions for locations worldwide.” But where does that name come from? It is taken from a radical anti-capitalist youth group known as the “Weathermen.” This group ...


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