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updated Mon. March 11, 2024

While Americans have every reason to be angry about Russian election interference, argues Stephen Walt, it is also important to recognize that ... Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy, 03.12.18 : The author, a professor of international relations at Harvard University, writes: “Viewing today's troubles as a new ...

We talked to Toosi, as well as Michael Warren, senior writer, the Weekly Standard, Anne Applebaum, Washington Post columnist, and Stephen Walt, professor of international affairs at Harvard's Kennedy School. The shock of Tillerson's sudden departure continued into Tuesday afternoon: The State ...
Today we hear the keynote address by Stephen M. Walt, Professor of International Affairs at Harvard, speaking on “The Best Of Times Or The Worst Of Times?” Keynote Speaker: Stephen M. Walt Stephen Walt is the Robert and Renee Belfer Professor of International Affairs at Harvard University.
There's a lot of innovation on the surface, but the rot runs deep. Here's how to fix it. By Stephen M. Walt | Feb. 20, 2018. Nobody can deny this is a fascinating time to study international affairs. Societies are connected in more ways than ever before. States continue to compete and cooperate, and to co-exist, cooperate, and ...
The non-use of nuclear weapons since 1945 is a great achievement that we take for granted all too often. Although the number of states possessing nuclear weapons has slowly increased over the past seven decades, no country has used a nuclear weapon since 1945, and despite some worrisome ...
In a new article published in The Forward, Stephen Walt claims that time has proved his and John Mearsheimer's writings on the Israel lobby correct. Ten years ago, they wrote that a loose network of pro-Israel political and policy organizations negatively influence U.S. foreign policy toward the Middle East.
Yet the present crisis of American diplomacy is also an opportunity to design a new set of diplomatic institutions, build a broader consensus on the value of diplomacy itself, and eventually forge a new approach toward dealing with other nations. There's nowhere to go but up. Stephen M. Walt is the Robert ...


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