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updated Tue. October 31, 2023

In February 2011 Springborg and co-author Clement Henry Moore explained “Why Egypt's military will not be able to govern” and predicted that Egypt, like Tunisia, might see “a civilian government free of military involvement.” A year later Springborg was predicting that the military would not be able to ...

Cammett, Melani and Ishac Diwan. The Political Economy of the Arab Uprisings. New York: Westview Press, 2013. Carvin, Andy. Distant witness: social media, the Arab Spring and a journalism revolution. New York: CUNY Journalism Press, 2012. Clement, Henry and Ji-Hyang Jang, eds. The Arab Spring: ...
Afifi, a professor of contemporary history at Cairo University, draws a picture of Shubra, the Cairene neighbourhood where he grew up which was once a ... Contributors include Ellis Goldberg, David Sims, Yasmine Ahmed, Deena Abdelmonem, Dina Makram-Ebeid, Clement Henry, Sandrine Gamblin, Hans ...
More than 240 people will graduate in person from the University of Otago with qualifications in arts, education, music, teaching and theology in a ceremony at the Dunedin Town Hall at 1pm. About 100 others will graduate in absentia. DEGREES TO BE CONFERRED AND DIPLOMAS TO BE AWARDED IN ...
Islamic finance has its critics. Clement Henry is visiting research professor at National University of Singapore. He said Islamic finance has “unfortunate connotations” that might be associated with “political Islam, possibly terrorism.” Henry said his research, however, has found that people working in Islamic ...
“Another reaction is oops, if you mention Islamic banking, you immediately think of political Islam, possibly terrorism,” said Clement Henry, visiting research professor at National University of Singapore. “You know, it has unfortunate connotations.” Henry said his research, however, has found that people ...
Saudi Al Arabia satellite TV station on this February 13 quoted Abdallah Schleifer, a professor emeritus of journalism at the American University in Cairo, .... He also quoted “leading experts on Egypt Clement Henry and Robert Springborg” as saying that the Egyptian army's “training is desultory, ...


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