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updated Sun. December 10, 2023

In the spring of 2011, Donald Trump began suggesting that U.S. President Barack Obama had not been born in the United States. “Why doesn't he show his birth certificate?” Trump asked on ABC's The View. “I would love to see it produced,” he told Fox News' On the Record. “I'm starting to think that he was ...

Fellow political scientist Dr. Khalilah Brown-Dean, an associate professor of political science at Quinnipiac University, says that Perry's scholarship is ... Brown University; K.C. Morrison, University of Delaware; Wendy Schiller, Brown University; Darrell West, Brookings Institution; James Morone, Brown ...
The search for a new director of the Taubman Center started well in advance of the term end of the previous director, James Morone, professor of public policy, political science and urban studies. Dean of the Faculty Kevin McLaughlin and Edward Steinfeld, director of the Watson Institute for International ...
Susan Moffitt. Moffitt is an associate professor of political science and international and public affairs at Brown. Currently, Moffitt is working with researchers from the University of Michigan and Stanford University on a three-year, $4.9 million study that looks at how the Common Core State Standards, a set of ...
Brown University political scientist James Morone says Medicaid now provides "health care for a huge chunk of the country," and that it's "really, really complicated to mess around with." Indeed, the GOP plan would directly affect millions of Trump supporters, because many of those benefiting from Medicaid ...
While President Donald Trump's base of support remains behind him, Americans are less supportive of the President's policy ideas and of Congressional Republicans, a new poll shows. “Republican candidates do not seem to be able to run away from the Trump agenda,” says James Morone, director of ...
Brown political science Prof. James Morone, director of the Taubman Center, said he was struck by “the incredible number” of people who said “they had personally written a letter, gone to a meeting, gone to a rally, sent money to oppose Trump.” In Rhode Island, the number was 24 percent. In a once ...
He spoke live in a roundtable discussion at Brown University the evening of Thursday April 6, 2017, mere hours before President Trump launched a ... Linda Cook of Political Science/Slavic Studies and James Morone of the Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy — for a conversation about ...
Brown University made a bold promise at its inaugural National Diversity Summit last month: to double its proportion of underrepresented minority ... James Morone, director of the Taubman Center for Public Policy and the John Hazen White Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, and chair of the ...
... the spotlight on one individual who is making an impact on Rhode Island. This week, GoLocalProv sat down with James Morone, the John Hazen White Professor of Public Policy, Professor of Political Science and Urban Studies, and Director of Public Policy at the Taubman Center at Brown University.


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