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updated Thu. October 6, 2022

The insurgents, who apparently belonged to a religious cult called the Soldiers of Heaven, had “ungodly amounts of weapons,” and were maneuvering through a series of bunkers, trenches, and tunnels that encircled the area. The firefight raged for nearly three hours before backup arrived. The enormity of ...

Finally, the prayers conclude with the burning of incense paper to reward the celestial soldiers of heaven. In addition to the activities at Chin Swee Caves Temple, the Prayer to God of Heaven Tian Gong ceremony was also held on the ninth day of Chinese New Year at the Sky Terrace. It was a grand ...
WADDILOVE High School seems to have realised its quest to be one of the leading musical groups in Methodist Church in Zimbabwe after the school's choir — Soldiers of Heaven — released a 10-track album titled Ishe Ndinzweiwo Nokufara. By Our Staff. All the songs on the album are Methodist Church ...
More than 100 medals for combat valor would be earned for actions that day. A fierce battle had broken out between Iraqi security forces — augmented by U.S. Special Forces from Operational Detachment Alpha 566 — and a mixed group of Sunni insurgents and a Shia cult known as “Soldiers of Heaven.”.
Riddled on three sides with deep trenches, high berms and antitank positions and protected on the fourth by the Euphrates River, nearly 600 Jund as-Sama', "Soldiers of Heaven," fired all of their considerable ordnance and launched one assault after another throughout the night in attempts to surprise and ...
The chorus sings Ms. Goodman's elegant couplets (“Soldiers of heaven hold the sky/The morning breaks and shadows fly”) in intoned phrases. Mr. Adams has acknowledged his debt here to Philip Glass, especially the opera “Satyagraha.” But it is one thing when Mr. Glass sets Sanskrit in staccato bursts to ...
Contradictory accounts are emerging of a bloody day-long battle that took place on Sunday near the southern Iraqi city of Najaf. Iraqi officials say 263 members of a shadowy messianic cult - which calls itself the Soldiers of Heaven - were killed in fierce fighting near the city, which is Holy to Shia Muslims.
Officials in Iraq say at least 200 militants were killed on Sunday during clashes with US-backed Iraqi troops ahead of a major Shia Muslim festival. The violence near Najaf was blamed on a previously unknown group, the Soldiers of Heaven. A government spokesman said its leader was among those killed.
At a news conference on Sunday afternoon, Mr. Ghalal said the fighters called themselves the Soldiers of Heaven, and seemed to be part of a wider Sunni effort to disrupt Ashura, which marks the seventh-century death of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson Hussein. The holiday attracts hundreds of ...


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