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updated Fri. December 23, 2022

... are ready to seek vengeance for their people and will give no quarter. ... extermination of Europe's Jews, he enlists in the British army in Iraq, fights in ... Malraux's call for the formation of an International Brigade to fight for a ...

An Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighter, next to a Kurdish flag, holds a position in ... and only 13 percent said that their brigade commander was a member of ... of peshmerga reported a desire for vengeance as motivating them in ...
A suspected Isis fighter is led away after surrendering to Iraqi army soldiers ... Nor can it hope for their allegiance while the cycle of vengeance ...
A SWAT team of Iraqis, all of whom have suffered at the hands of .... The video cuts to more red text—the word “vengeance”—and then ... At the Tigris, the SWAT team was to meet up with the Ninety-first Brigade of the Iraqi ...
Middle East analyst Nadim Shehadi of Chatham House in London argued many in the West are making too much of the role of Islamic State of Iraq and the ...
Iraqi armed forces are pressing on Mosul, ISIL's last significant urban ... Asaib Ahl al-Haq, Kata'ib al-Imam Ali, al-Abbas brigade and Kata'ib ... Now, many residents and local Sunnis worry of a PMU quest for vengeance.


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