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updated Tue. June 18, 2024

(MENAFN) The local government and the Iraqi provinces of Al-Muthanna and Dhi Qar have been having a dispute over the provinces' rivalry over border ... According to The New Arab website, Dhi Qar provincial council, which has no border with Saudi Arabia, wants to have a corridor running through ...
A dispute has arisen between the local governments in the Iraqi provinces of Al-Muthanna and Dhi Qar due to their rivalry over border crossings with Saudi Arabia. Iraq is moving forward in strengthening relations with Saudi Arabia through the reopening of border crossings between the two countries.

Federally owned oil companies produced a total of 4.224 million b/d, with North Oil Co. contributing 169,000 b/d, another 207,000 b/d from Midland Oil Co., 460,000 b/d from Missan Oil Co. and 181,000 b/d from Dhi-Qar Oil Co. The largest contribution came from Basra Oil Co. at 3.207 million b/d, the data ...
Currently, Dhi Qar Oil has taken over the development of Nassiriya oil field, Hammood told Reuters today. The field's current production is between 80,000 bpd and 100,000 bpd, with plans to double that to 200,000 bpd within the next three years. In Iraq, France's Total has a 22.5-percent interest in the ...
... the Iraqi forces detained eight women from Germany charged with participation in the activities of the notorious terrorist group. Earlier, 38 Sunni Muslim militants were sentenced to death via hanging on terrorism charges in the southern province of Dhi Qar. The prisoners were reportedly associated with ...

Highlighting the risks in a parliamentary session in late January, Fatlawi demanded the undivided attention of MPs charged with oil-rich Basra, Amarra and Dhi Qar. “If I take it or chose not to take it, payment is an obligation” Fatlawi said, animatedly gesturing with one hand while holding in the other an ...
... another Hashd al-Shaabi spokesperson and Head of the al-Badr Organization, said the US was aware the PMF used the Abrams tanks in the fight against the Islamic State (IS). “The US has made every attempt to weaken the Hashd al-Shaabi, but it has failed in all of them,” Amiri said during a speech in Dhi Qar Province.

BAGHDAD/NASSIRIYA - The Subba oil field, which the state-owned Dhi Qar Oil Company (DQOC) recently brought online, has exceeded its initial production target despite experiencing growing pains. The field began averaging 23,000 bpd this week, according to a senior DQOC official - beyond the target ...
12, intelligence services in Dhi Qar province raided several groups, arresting their members for activities targeting prominent clerics. Several attacks on Sistani's religious authority have been made over the years, starting as early as 2003. In 2012, a Sistani-affiliated cleric survived a grenade attack by an ...
In the province of Dhi Qar alone, 20 clan clashes erupted recently due to water scarcity, according to Mayor Hussein Ali Raddad of the Islah district, who also confirmed that the local government in the province failed to reach any solutions regarding the issue. Ali Raddad told Al-Monitor, “The crisis we are ...
"From Basrah, that represents history and civilization and that is a great economic base, to Dhi Qar and its marshes and remnants, through the Babylon of civilization, to the beloved capital Baghdad, to the liberated Anbar, to Nineveh the mother of the two springs, and our dear northern provinces in Iraqi ...


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