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updated Tue. March 26, 2024

On 12 November 2017, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck along the Iran-Iraq border close to the city of As Sulaymaniyah, roughly 240km north of Baghdad. More than 500 people are reported to have died, with local officials estimating at least 6,000 injured and 70,000 rendered homeless. Less than 24 ...

A 7.3-magnitude earthquake jolted the As-Sulaymaniyah region near the Iraq and Iran border on Sunday, killing more than 500 and injuring more than 10,000. Iranian officials expressed concerns that fatalities and injuries may be higher due to the number of remote villages across the region that have not ...
CORRECTS ID TO VIETNAMESE PRIME MINISTER NGUYEN XUAN PHUC - From left, Thai Prime Minster Prayut Chan-o-cha, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, U.S. President Donald Trump, and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, do the ...
More than people have died in a huge 7.3 magnitude earthquake that has struck near the Iran/Iraq border - and been felt as far away as Turkey, Kuwait, Iran and the United Arab Emirates. More than 400 people have been killed in Iran's Kermanshah province on the Iraqi border, the provincial deputy ...
The quake was centred about 30km southwest of Halabjah and 100km from the city of As-Sulaymaniyah, in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region. It was felt strongly in many regions of Iraq including the capital Baghdad. There were no immediate reports of casualties in Iraq. Unable to create map: Unable ...
North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un has said Donald Trump is 'begging for war' as the President embarks on his Asia tour. In a statement carried by North Korea's state news, Trump was branned a 'destroyer' who is 'demonizing' Pyongyang . "Trump made his conceived attempt yet again to alienate our ...
In a statement posted on Twitter, the consulate said Iraq's Civil Aviation Authority had announced the suspension of flights to and from Irbil, the administrative capital of northern Iraq's Kurdish region, as well as Sulaymaniyah as of Sept. 29. "In this case, it will not be possible for Turkish Airlines, AtlasGlobal, ...
The referendum on whether to become an independent nation will be held on September 25th. It will take place in the three governorates that compose the Kurdish part of Iraq, Dahuk, Arbil and As-Sulaymaniyah. It will also take place in areas that are disputed between the Kurdish regional government and ...


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