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updated Sun. March 17, 2024

Iraq is seeking bids from six companies for an estimated $4bn project to inject seawater into its southern oil fields to dislodge more crude from the deposits, Ihsan Abdul Jabbar, the director-general of state-run Basra Oil Co, said in an interview. The country has already received bids from five companies ...

Alsumaria News quoted Qahtan al-Obaid, head of the antiquities and heritage department in Basra province, saying that the search, launched in cooperation with Basra University, will target a British ship that “sank at an unknown location in Shatt al-Arab during World War I, with priceless artefacts on deck ...
But after years of digging for victory, he and his comrades have now turned their skills to civilian use: gouging out irrigation channels for farmers in the southern province of Basra. “What I'm doing makes me happy,” he said, with gelled hair glimmering above his sun-browned face. In 2014, Ali and tens of ...
Much of the focus is on Basra, which is Iraq's richest province. Projects earmarked by the Saudis for investment include Basra's moribund petrochemical plant, which could help wean Iraq off Iranian products. Saudis have also eyed the scrub along the border, which the kingdom wants to turn into fertile fields ...
Aged 23 at the time, Ali left his parents and his work as a day labourer in the province of Babylon, south of Baghdad. As he knew ... Ali joined other Hashd engineers and drivers heading to Basra – an overwhelmingly Shiite province with more oil resources but poorer infrastructure than any other province.
Authorities in Basra, the capital of Iraq's richest oil province, are struggling to provide the bare minimum of services to its inhabitants, as nepotism and corruption divert lucrative revenues from the black gold. But the southern port city's "golden age" was not all that long ago. At 71, Khalaf remembers it well.
Of all Basra's traditional buildings and shanasheel, “today about 400 are left more or less intact,” according to Qahtan al-Obeid, head of archaeology and heritage in Basra province. Where there once stood a Jewish library, a women's hammam and the home of a Kuwaiti sheikh, locals say, all that remains ...
--Iraq's largest refinery, in Basra province, is planning for a fourth unit to come online by the end of 2018, increasing capacity to nearly 300,000 b/d. ... --Iraq opened a downstream tender on October 23 hoping to attract engineering and construction companies to build a new refinery in Basra province.


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