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Source: International Labour Organization, 2016 International Labour Migration Statistics Database in ASEAN, June 2016; Bangladesh Bureau of ...... Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), as ...

With a shy smile, he welcomes two young men on a November day last year in the office of a school he runs. They need his advice to ..... Right inside its entrance, representatives of the International Organization for Migration, an inter-governmental entity that works closely with UNHCR, man two desks. They are here to ...
UNAMI also observed damage to the local Kurdish PUK party office and severe fire damage to an automobile business north of the city. During the mission, UNAMI also met representatives of the Tuz Khurmatu City Council, representing Sunni-Arab, Shia-Turkmen, and Kurdish communities.
The participating UN agencies are the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the UN's children's organization UNICEF, UN Women, the World Food Programme, the International Organization for Migration, the UN Population Fund, the UN Office for the ...
I know you asked me to wait for permission to send you any more IOM [International Organization for Migration] cases. I am also overloaded with cases and tell people do not send me any more. I do understand your situation with 84,000 IOM applicants. I thank you for attention to my concerns. The following ...
Speakers included representatives of international organizations such as the European Commission, the Danish Refugee Council, the European Public Health Association, the Global Platform for Syrian Students, the International Organization for Migration and WHO, as well as the Italian Ministry of Health ...
... the local administration and the global community to not remain impartial in the face of this mass murder of Iraqi Turkmen, and to push for the liberation of the region from terrorists," Maruf added. It should be noted that according to the data collected by the International Organization for Migration, over one ...


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