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updated Sun. May 1, 2022

According to documents obtained by the Record newspaper through the state's Open Public Records Act, the $85,000 price tag is more than the combined $74,500 that his three Democratic predecessors, Jon Corzine, Richard Codey and Jim McGreevey, paid for their portraits. However, Marengo said, it ...
In the past dozen years only once has a non-presidential election achieved a turnout of over 50 percent -- in 2009, when the ballot was topped by a gubernatorial race between Christie and Jon Corzine. Turnouts in primaries over that same period, including presidential election years, averaged only around ...

Republican Gov. Christine Todd Whitman collected $244 million from a 1996 collection initiative, and Democratic Gov. Jim McGreevey tallied $277 million from a 2002 amnesty program. But it was Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine's 2009 tax amnesty that was by far the most successful, raising $725 million for a ...
Gov. Phil Murphy's first big report card with voters is in, and here's how it went: He's got a 44 percent job approval rating. And that's not so bad compared to the two previous governors at this point in their administrations: Republican Chris Christie and Democrat Jon Corzine. The survey by Monmouth ...
Jon Corzine, when contributions were cut by more than half and then trickled to a halt. The Federal Communication Commission has been calling out states, including New Jersey, for failing to make the upgrades. In a report to Congress, the FCC said implementing NextGen 911 would save more than ...
The $85,000 cost of the portrait is the highest for a governor since Democrat Jim Florio paid $58,000 for his. Christie's three immediate predecessors — Jon Corzine, Richard Codey and Jim McGreevey, all Democrats — paid a combined $74,500, according to past news reports. Story continues after photo ...

Gov. Phil Murphy's inaugural bash pushed first-quarter fundraising and spending by state parties to a decade-long high, according to New Jersey's campaign finance watchdog. The two state parties and four legislative leadership committees raised $1.9 million and spent $1.8 million during the first three ...
The last time Democrats controlled every branch of state government, a fight between a rookie governor with Goldman Sachs ties (Jon Corzine) and a south Jersey legislative leader (Joe Roberts, the state Assembly speaker) produced an epic week-long state shutdown that made last year's version look ...
Jon Corzine first took office and the survey shows Murphy isn't starting his governorship with a strong mandate from voters. Chris Christie's next act. "It's notable that Murphy fares worse in the so-called 'honeymoon period' than Christie and Jon Corzine," said Krista Jenkins, director of the FDU Poll and a ...
Phil Murphy raised $1 million toward the Democrat's lavish inaugural ball and related events last week, which ranks below the sums raised for Govs. Jon Corzine and Chris Christie when they first took office. Hours after Murphy was sworn in Jan. 16, he attended a black-tie inaugural ball in a heated tent at ...
Good Monday. Here's what we're watching: • Andrew is in Davos, Switzerland and will file dispatches from the World Economic Forum. • Charles Kushner speaks about his son and the Russia investigation. • Big deals today by A.I.G. and Celgene show a desire for growth. • The government is still shut down.
38 year-old managing director Omeed Malik helped to run BAML's prime brokerage business that raises money for hedge funds and was an adviser to Jon Corzine, a former New Jersey governor, U.S. senator and founder of doomed broker-dealer MF Global, which specialized in trading commodities and ...
•Salary adjustment — The new governor split with the predecessor to whom he has most often been compared — Jon Corzine, also a wealthy Wall Streeter before taking office — by deciding to accept his full gubernatorial salary of $175,000. Corzine took just one dollar, but we have no problem with ...
Jon Corzine, who held the reins of MF Global Holdings when it collapsed, is making his comeback with a new hedge fund that's betting the Trump administration will stir up markets. The JDC-JSC Opportunity Fund, which bears the initials of Corzine's late son Jeffrey and his own, will launch this quarter and ...
It's been a bit of a tough slog for one Jon Stevens Corzine. A decade ago, he was governor of New Jersey. Seven years ago, he was the head of one of the world's largest futures brokerage. Since then, he's mostly been in and out of legal offices, courthouses and Congressional hearing rooms, and biding ...
Jon Corzine, who made his fortune at Goldman Sachs, accepted only $1 a year. Gov. Chris Christie, Murphy's predecessor, accepted the full salary. The off-topic question rankled Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, who asked reporters to keep the focus of their questions on the working people struggling to make ...
(Coincidentally, he'll be the first Democrat to serve as New Jersey governor since Jon Corzine, another former Goldman Sachs executive whom Christie defeated in 2009 — a fact not lost on Murphy's critics.) Murphy was also a Democratic donor to candidates across the country. He served as finance chair ...

Jon Corzine was a speaker at the 2017 Prime Quadrant Conference in Toronto, at the Carlu. The Prime Quadrant Conference is an annual conference for family offices and ultra-high-net-worth investors. Below is the video and informal transcript of the segment where he discusses ...
Christie, center, and his wife, Mary Pat, with Jon Corzine, the Democrat whom Christie unseated in 2009, at a memorial service for former Gov. Brendan Byrne in Millburn on Monday. (Photo: Amy Newman/ Byrne maintained his reputation as an honest politician right till the end of his final ...
GOVERNORINAUGURATION------Former Governor ,Jim Florio and former Governor Brendan Byrne talk before the inauguration begins at the All Wars Building in Trenton. Inauguration ceremony for New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine. Swearing in ceremony and related images of Corzine after the ...
“My approach from the beginning was, my first election was about Jon Corzine. It wasn't about me. I was just the acceptable alternative to the person they have rejected.” _____. To the president, “I said, 'Now the next four years are about you.' And so his re-elect will be about you. Not about your challenger.
Since then, Jim Florio, Jim McGreevey — who quit halfway through — and Jon Corzine have all been one-and-done Democrats. In contrast, their Republican counterparts over that same period — Tom Kean, Christie Whitman and Chris Christie — each won a second term. RELATED: Former New Jersey ...
Jon Corzine. He has served as agricultural secretary since 2009 and before that served four terms in the state Assembly. Fisher oversees the state's agriculture industry, its agricultural research projects, its farmland and soil protection efforts, the marketing of Jersey goods, and school lunch and charitable ...
Jon Corzine, former Camden Mayor Dana Redd and state Sen. Fred Madden (D-Turnersville). “Michael is a highly effective advocate for New Jersey's business community,” said NJBIA CEO and President Michele Siekerka. “His expertise and ability to keep the voice of New Jersey business at the table ...
Jon Corzine. Incoming Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy has vowed to end the bear hunt after he takes office next month. There were 409 bears killed in New Jersey this year. Jeff Goldman may be reached at Follow him on Twitter @JeffSGoldman. Find on ...
Jon Corzine and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson — including working on Corzine's transition team in 2005. Those who knew Lozano from those roles understood why the still-young executive (he's just 38) had all the experience necessary to run Murphy's transition.
The 2005 contest between Democrat Jon Corzine and Republican Doug Forrester remains the most expensive gubernatorial race at $88.1 million. Corzine won the election. Spurred by an estimated $14.4 million spent by independent groups just in New Jersey's third legislative district, the total cost of the ...
Jon Corzine. While bears have been sighted in all 21 counties, they are most common in the northwest corner of the state. The state Department of Environmental Protection estimated before the hunt that up to 2,800 bears lived north of Route 78 and west of Route 287. Opponents of the hunt disputed that ...
Jon S. Corzine is a 6-foot-2 bear of a man who has spent decades roaming expansive halls of power. He held the top job at the old Goldman Sachs office tower, a concrete pinnacle of American capitalism. And after that, he had the run of the governor's mansion in New Jersey — all 18,000 square feet of it.
Chris Christie and Jon Corzine, with state funding flat or falling and enrollments on the rise. The election of Phil Murphy was seen as a hopeful turn. But so far it is still wait and see, at best; Murphy continues to promise more support to higher education and especially community colleges, while offering few ...
What outsiders seem not to know about New Jersey's apparent shift to Republicanism when former Governor Chris Christie was elected nine years ago was the amount of points he gained for not being his predecessor, Jon Corzine. Corzine was the former CEO of Goldman Sachs; Christie was a local ...
After ousting incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine, Gov.-elect Chris Christie sent a message through intermediaries to his idol, Bruce Springsteen: The bossy Republican wants The Boss to play his inaugural bash. The Boss does not abide. Instead, Christie boogies with The B Street Band, the "Number 1 ...
Jon Corzine back to Christie eight years later -- is a bit more pointed than in prior transitions. But the dynamic is unchanged, as is the stark reality that threatens to make New Jersey ungovernable: We pay too much in taxes, and it's never enough. New Jerseyans have been for years among the most highly ...
Camera icon AP. Former Goldman CEO Jon Corzine led the push to take the firm public. Murphy challenged that decision, saying he preferred ...
Environmental and energy policy advisor for then-New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine. Policy director at NY/NJ Baykeeper from 2002 through 2006.
Jim Florio and Jon Corzine were both progressive but didn't have to talk about issues like legal marijuana and sanctuary cities. "Progressive ...
Gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy, a Democrat, is cut from the same cloth as Jon Corzine and even Donald Trump, a Republican.
What Murphy ought to do is endorse a standard similar to that enacted by former Attorney General Anne Milgram, under then-Gov. Jon Corzine.
We saw that back in 2000 when Goldman gazillionaire Jon Corzine was making a run for U.S. Senate. Unfamiliar as he was with the ...
Jon S. Corzine in his office in Manhattan. He plans to open a hedge fund tailored to the unpredictable swings of the Trump administration.
Jon Corzine. New Jersey voters will elect a new governor Nov. 7, one of only two states along with Virginia holding a governor's race this year.
And year-to-year during the Christie administration, the average bill increased at a slower rate than it did during the tenure of Jon Corzine, his ...
Jon Corzine. The crowd also included Newark notables such Liz Del Tufo, longtime city resident, tour guide, and Newark Preservation and ...
Jon Corzine, a Democrat, before resuming under Christie. Protesters are planning to gather on opening day Monday across the street from the ...
Jon Corzine had a narrow lead over the upstart challenger Christie in 2009, undecided voters could sway in Christie's direction and make the ...
We saw that back in 2000 when Goldman gazillionaire Jon Corzine was making a run for U.S. Senate. Unfamiliar as he was with the ...
The neighborhood districts also chose Christie four years earlier, even though Morristown as a whole backed incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine ...
... of Murphy would go against everything the Press stands for and fights for, because Murphy would be a continuation of the Jon Corzine years, ...
The former Democratic governor didn't do the wannabe Democratic governor any favors last week when he introduced that plan for a massive ...
... this fall, Guadagno used it as yet another opportunity to tie Murphy to Jon Corzine, the last Democratic governor to hail from Goldman Sachs.


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