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updated Sat. March 12, 2022

Among that group are former U.S. Sen. David Vitter and a couple of former leaders of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI). For those ... A former state senator, who was a delegate to the 1973 constitutional convention, said of holding another one, “It would be a disaster. I don't think with ...
National Finance Center officials and U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., right, tour the New Orleans East complex on Feb. ... of people who work at the National Finance Center in New Orleans East are among the local beneficiaries of the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill that Congress passed last week.

Daniels was contemplating running against then-Sen. David Vitter, a man whose family-values image imploded when he was embroiled in an escort scandal. “He got caught, which doesn't bother me," Daniels said. "Hey, go on with your bad self. Who am I to judge? But the fact that he was a hypocrite made ...
“We were both 'campaign advisors' on Stormy Daniels' possible senate race against David Vitter.” Additionally, a news report from 2009 revealed that surveillance video caught someone “tampering” with political advisor Brian Welsh's car shortly before the explosion took place. On last night's episode of 60 ...
What has this to do with Sen. John Neely Kennedy? Not sure, other than he appears to be an animal lover like former Sen. David Vitter — but Kennedy sent a letter to J. Scott Kirby, president of United Airlines, asking for an explanation: This pattern of animal deaths and injuries is simply inexcusable.
Advocate staff photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., left, and Wendy Vitter, center, his wife, watch early election returns with Garret Graves, right, inside Zolia Bistro at Graves' election night party at II City Plaza, Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014 in Baton Rouge. Graves, a Republican, was ...

Wendy Vitter arrives with her husband, U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., and their children at a Metairie polling place Nov. 21, 2015. Her nomination for a federal judgeship in New Orleans came under new scrutiny Friday because she omitted some public statements from her questionnaire for the Senate ...
Wendy Vitter's written questionnaire for a federal judgeship in New Orleans has yet to be published by the Senate Judiciary Committee. But already it's ... U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., took anti-abortion positions in the Louisiana Legislature and in Congress. ... David Vitter helped Bill Cassidy unseat Sen.
There's an underlying message in all of this, too, besides the manner in which the Black Caucus openly defied a governor who owes his election to the black community as well as white moderates who could not stomach David Vitter. That is, the caucus sent Edwards a message, and the message was ...
... leader as Republicans took control of the Louisiana Legislature and captured all but one of Louisiana's nine statewide elected positions, including both U.S. Senate seats. ... Sen. David Vitter, a Republican who had been expected to win the job. ... Among the possible Republican candidates are U.S. Sen.
I voted for Edwards because he was to be the agent of change from the status quo. Sen. David Vitter, Edwards's opponent in the runoff, was seen by many as “more of the same” in Baton Rouge. I knew Louisiana was facing some very real problems the previous administration at the very least ignored, if not ...
There's still not much reason to believe voters care about infidelity. Since then, other politicians have used the same playbook. In perhaps the most brazen maneuver, Senator David Vitter was caught patronizing a D.C. brothel and simply refused to step down. He even won reelection to the Senate after his ...
The ACC donated $50,000 to a super PAC supporting the 2014 campaign of GOP Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana for the state's governorship. And while lobbying to revamp federal chemical safety standards in 2015, the ACC simultaneously aired advertisements in support of key legislators who were then ...
... rift between now-former U.S. Sen. David Vitter and Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne, but the truth is that they've never been allies. ... Back when Vitter was in the House and Dardenne in the Senate, the pair teamed up to create term limits for legislators. At the time, the move was pitched as ...
Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise and Steve Gleason hold a press conference at the Team Gleason House for Innovative Living at St. Margaret's at Mercy in New Orleans, Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Steve Scalise and Steve Gleason came together in a press conference before reintroducing the Steve ...
When he endorsed former Sen. David Vitter's Republican run for governor in 2015, Kennedy likened the scandal-marred conservative to “a cross between Socrates and 'Dirty Harry.' ” Not long after joining the U.S. Senate, Kennedy repurposed the line to tell Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch that's just ...
... a Republican or a Democrat, but that changed after she mulled a run for Senate. The Washington Post reported that there was a contingent of Louisianans that decided to get Daniels to run. They began a "Draft Stormy" campaign when it became clear that then Sen. David Vitter was likely to win reelection ...

Louisiana Republicans chose their first new chairman in more than a decade Saturday, selecting a New Orleans businessman who will lead the party as it readies for a heated effort aimed at unseating Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards in 2019. Louis Gurvich's two-year term began immediately once the ...
Democrats held a 67-37 advantage in the state House and a 25-14 advantage in the Senate. In 2004, more than twice as many ... Jindal and former U.S. Sen. David Vitter also played important roles in building the Republican Party, along with former state Rep. Jim Tucker, who served as speaker of the ...
The episode recalls a coffee shop caper on the eve of Louisiana's gubernatorial election in 2015, in which a private investigator hired by David Vitter, then a U.S. senator, was caught spying on then-Jefferson Sheriff Newell Normand and several of his political associates inside the Royal Blend coffeehouse ...
Congressmen celebrate after House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch sign the final version of the GOP tax bill on ... Even in tax-averse Texas, a Democrat like Representative Beto O'Rourke, who is challenging Senator Ted Cruz, could safely campaign on higher ...
... in the Department of Homeland Security's crosshairs—a handful of Republicans welcomed to the Russell Senate Building an organization called the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA). The officials included Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) and Sen.
Advocate Staff Photo by Liz Condo. Governor Bobby Jindal holds a press conference after meeting with the members of the Louisiana congressional delegation including Sen. David Vitter, left, Sen. Mary Landrieu, second from right, and Rep. Steve Scalise at the Governor's Mansion Saturday January 10, ...
Both Duncan and Engelhardt, though, appear likely to be confirmed by the Senate eventually. Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., initially questioned whether Duncan had sufficient ties to Louisiana but has since pledged to vote for him. Objections by at least one U.S. senator sent the nominations of both Duncan ...
He wouldn't be governor today if not for allegations that his opponent, then-U.S. Sen. David Vitter, had hired a prostitute in the early 2000s. But Vitter's missteps don't fully explain the upset, which owes as much to Edwards' reputation as a personable family man and devout Christian who had worked with Republican ...
And with former U.S. Sen. David Vitter now off the scene, it's also unclear whether any major Republican has the power to tell some hopefuls to stand down and unite the party behind a single candidate. The main uncertainty, though, is whether Edwards looks vulnerable as decision time approaches.
In November of 2015, he was victorious in the Louisiana gubernatorial race against then U.S. Senator David Vitter, the Republican candidate. Vitter is a staunch ... Ironically, after the story was initially revealed, Vitter was able to win re-election to the United States Senate in 2010. Unfortunately for Vitter, he ...
Take, for example, Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.). In addition to being the longest serving United States senator in history, he also served as the Exalted Cyclops of his local Ku Klux Klan chapter. In that era, the Klan was responsible for castrations, lynching and the bombing and burning of countless buildings.
Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota, another Democrat fighting to save his career, .... David Vitter of Louisiana conceded he was guilty of “very serious sin” after his ... senator that took place years before his election to the Senate.
In 2011 Sen. ... Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana was not, despite his involvement in the “DC ... by the people of Louisiana so I think he should still be in the Senate. ... Senator, in 2011 you said it was “probably the right thing” for ...
But Millhollon said the senator hoped to learn more about Duncan's ... The issue: U.S. Senate considers nominee to Fifth Circuit Court of ... Wednesday's hearing for Duncan comes after the Judiciary Committee chairman, Republican Sen. ... David Vitter, R-Louisiana, to a second vacant seat on the Eastern ...
But Millhollon said the senator hoped to learn more about Duncan's expertise in other ... will be considered on Wednesday despite objections from Sen. ... But no hearing before the Senate's Judiciary Committee — a key hurdle for ... David Vitter, R-Louisiana, to a second vacant seat on the Eastern District.
Then-Senate Ethics Committee Chairman Sen. ... committee took serious action against a sitting senator was more than two decades ago. ... David Vitter (R-LA), whose phone number appeared on a client list for a prostitution ...
The Republican Senate nominee says it's all just a pack of lies, ... So did David Vitter, the Louisiana congressman with a diaper fetish and a ...
Most Members of Congress try to conceal their predatory nature in public. ... The Senate Armed Services Committee held a closed door and open ... Senator David Vitter (R-LA) won the House seat vacated by Rep Bob ...
FILE - Then-Democratic presidential hopeful, U.S. Senator Gary ... Sen. David Vitter, R-La.: In 2007, Vitter apologized for a “very ... He won re-election to the Senate in a landslide in 2010, but lost a 2015 bid to become Louisiana governor. ... The six-term lawmaker immediately resigned from Congress in ...
Case in point: Republican David Vitter easily won reelection in 2010, ... that Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore had initiated sexual ...
Hudson was on Fleming's campaign team in last year's race to replace David Vitter in the U.S. Senate. ... “This has nothing to do with the Senate race. ... 14 percent of the total vote in a bid to unseat incumbent Democratic Sen. ... But in his only other try for public office, the 2016 Senate race, Maness ...
Kennedy's Senate predecessor, David Vitter, pioneered a legal but unusual ... "If he loses, he's still a U.S. senator, but if he wins he can appoint ...
Most of the day's attention will be on the Senate Judiciary hearing featuring ... Barack Obama to pay employer contributions for members of Congress and staffers who ... Johnson was one of several congressional Republicans (led by former Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana) who have called the payments and ...
In the face of several highly charged allegations of sexual harassment, the Senate is turning to its ethics committee for political cover. It is an ...
This time it's Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for senator of Alabama, and this time the alleged victim was a child. ... Former Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) ... Republicans in Congress are scrambling to distance themselves ...
At a town hall forum that year, then-U.S. Sen. ... David Vitter, R-La., Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Roger Wicker, R-Miss., — have strong voting records ... There's opportunity for rural Republican members of Congress to win over more voters by .... Pocan to call on Senate to reject GOP health care bill at Sept.
David Vitter, the retired Louisiana Senator who joined Omnicom's ... decades on Capitol Hill in both the House and Senate and exited in 2015 ...
... the students were among a group of staffers and volunteers working on the gubernatorial campaign of former Louisiana Sen. David Vitter.
In 2015, during the governor's race, a group formed what was called Gumbo PAC, with the sheer design of attacking then Sen. David Vitter.
David Vitter. ... Richmond, who also chairs the Democratic Black Caucus in Congress, is a supporter. ... Other endorsements include state Sen.
Washington's most powerful special interest group is Congress itself, and its members are .... In the hope of getting some answers, former senator and Senate Small Business Committee Chairman David Vitter, R-La., sought to ... Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., filed suit to block the exemption, but federal courts ...
... happened to run for governor in 2015 against a Republican opponent, Sen. David Vitter, who had admitted to patronizing a prostitution ring.
Trump is in the White House; Republicans control Congress and most state ... also happened to run for governor in 2015 against a Republican opponent, Sen. David Vitter, who had admitted to patronizing a prostitution ring. ... whose sister served three terms in the Senate before losing reelection in 2014.


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