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updated Wed. February 7, 2024

President Donald Trump on Tuesday sent out a personal “thank you” to right-leaning pollster Rasmussen Reports, whose daily tracking poll gave him a 50 percent approval rating on Monday — despite the fact that every other pollster in the United States has pegged his approval significantly lower.
Pollster says Trump approval hit the 'Stormy Effect' after adult film star's interview A new poll showed that women were less likely to support President Donald Trump after the Stormy Daniels interview, while men were slightly more likely to support him after the same. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot ...

The 2018 ad wars are still in their infancy, but “you're going to see a lot of her,” said GOP pollster Gene Ulm of Public Opinion Strategies, calling Pelosi “the gift that keeps on giving.” “We're going to spend millions and millions of dollars reminding voters across the country why Nancy Pelosi is bad for the ...
Donald Trump's marks are low in the Franklin & Marshall College survey, but people say the state is headed in the right direction. Written by Mike Urban. Lancaster, PA —. Donald Trump is doing a poor job as president, according to most of the Pennsylvania voters who took part in a statewide Franklin ...
The Democratic pollster to whom Rahm Emanuel once famously sent a dead fish on Thursday delivered the political version of a dead fish to the mayor's doorstep: a poll that, Alan Secrest claims, shows Emanuel is unelectable. The poll of 800 registered and likely Chicago voters—with a 3.5 percent margin ...
Rasmussen rose to prominence again in 2016, when it accurately predicted the Presidential Election Popular Vote and was one of the few US pollsters to consistently warn that Hilary Clinton was far from a sure thing as the winner of the US presidency. The firm conducts year-round polls over the phone ...

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The possibility of a third political spectrum emerging in the 2019 presidential election has made the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) wary of the candidate they endorse, President Joko Widodo or Jokowi. “The fight can extend to a long period of time, it can also split the ...
Well, I run a company with about 50-60 people, and I am the CEO, but in the context of being a pollster in a campaign, that's probably a little bit more interesting. I think when a campaign—well, look, we bring a unique perspective because we have a lot of expertise in language, and a lot of the people that ...
However, lawmakers around the country would be wise not to rush to judgment, especially because upon closer inspection of the methodology of leading polls, the numbers may not be what the pollsters would like you to believe. Among the top three polls cited recently by Politico as proof that Americans ...
The voter turnout at the presidential election in Russia will be from 63$ to 67%, according to a forecast by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (WCIOM). The pollsters expect that current president Vladimir Putin will have 69-73% of the votes, candidate from the Communist Party Pavel Grudinin ...
Sabato's Crystal Ball incorrectly predicted, like so many others, that Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election in 2016. Kondik says a lot of pollsters got caught up in Donald Trump's "strange candidacy," but traditional, political science models still have a track record of accurately predicting elections.
A respected Russian-language business newspaper is reporting a 12-percent drop in President Vladimir Putin's popularity in cities with more than 1 million inhabitants between mid-January and mid-February. Moscow-based Vedomosti, which was once a joint venture between Dow Jones, the Financial ...
Since the beginning of 2018, six live interview pollsters have asked Americans whether they have a favorable or unfavorable (or positive or negative in the case of NBC News and the Wall Street Journal) view of Trump. In an average of the the last survey conducted by each of them, Trump's net favorability ...
In 2016, public opinion polling suffered two epic failures. Because polls erred in predicting the winners in both the Brexit referendum and the U.S. presidential election, critics have dissected pollsters' questions and their methods. But a very insidious source of error has remained hidden from public view: ...
Washington (CNN) This past weekend Marquette University Law School Professor Charles Franklin published an interesting analysis of President Donald Trump's approval rating. He noted that Trump tends to do better in polls in which there isn't a live interviewer present. The Washington Post's Philip ...
Because polls erred in predicting the winners in both the Brexit referendum and the U.S. presidential election, critics have dissected pollsters' questions and their methods. But a very insidious source of error has remained hidden from public view: margins of error and the way in which pollsters calculate ...
The Yale Politics Initiative hosted its first “Off the Record” master class on Wednesday with Joel Benenson, who played a key role as a pollster in three successful Democratic presidential campaigns — former President Bill Clinton's LAW '73 1996 campaign and former President Barack Obama's 2008 and ...

Neil Newhouse, Republican pollster and Duke alumnus (BA'74), spent much of Jan. 30 with Duke students to share perspectives on polling, contemporary politics, and Washington, D.C., careers. Newhouse is the co-founder of Public Opinion Strategies, was the lead pollster during Sen. John McCain's ...
Tavis McGinn applied for a job at Facebook last year hoping to work in market research. He had previously spent three years at Google, where he helped large advertisers refine their marketing campaigns across the company's family of products. But part way through the interview process at Facebook, the ...
Rasmussen Reports, the Republican-friendly pollster that is frequently cited by President Donald Trump, has found that a plurality of voters think Trump would hurt local candidates by campaigning for them in their districts. According to the pollster, 40 percent of likely voters think Trump campaigning in their ...
Today we are more open about mental health issues than ever. But we rarely discuss how things like depression and anxiety affect our work lives. So Glamour partnered with health and wellness site Thrive Global and pollster SurveyMonkey to ask more than 1,300 women how mental health issues—theirs ...
If you were shocked at how wrong the pollsters were in the 2016 elections, get ready for more surprises. A new study led by Houshmand Shirani-Mehr and Sharad Goel, assistant professor of management science and engineering, finds that the actual error rates of polls are about twice as high as their ...


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