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updated Tue. March 26, 2024

Regarding the letter about Adam Zyglis' “fixation” on President Trump and the focus on his personal and emotional response to every issue versus any “solid, factual basis” – come on. This POTUS is all about himself, all of the time, with nary a thought otherwise as to how his behaviors and tweet storms ...
In January 2017, political cartoonists got a new target: President Donald Trump. For the eight years prior, they skewered President Barack Obama; the eight years prior to that, President George W. Bush. See how that works? Those upset by political cartoons we run that are “mean to Mr. Trump” are ...

On the front page of the Tribune for September 21,1943, one of McCormick's best political cartoonists, Carey Orr, vividly illustrated the Colonel's critique of the rising welfare-warfare state: "Dictators on the Home Front" depicts a glum-looking Uncle Sam locked in a stockade, representing the "regimentation ...
The mood, he recalls, at the gathering of the world's largest organisation of political cartoonists, was somewhat dark and funereal, as if in apprehension of an imminent cartoon apocalypse. “Year after year, you hear the members there saying cartooning is a dying profession, heading down the path of the ...
Morgan: Yes, political cartoonists must be paid equally as editors, who write 1,000 words to explain their articles. Cartoonists can draw their concepts which are worth more than 10,000 words. 3. Do you think there is still a space for political cartoons in this day and age where people online create memes, ...
And we've just added another Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist to our lineup: Tom Toles, my personal favorite. He is a bipartisan critic, and uses gentle humor to make his point. I hope you'll enjoy him as much as I have over the years. Speaking of our political cartoonists, they also provide more content than ...

The 238-page hardcover explores many themes and artistic platforms, including The Golden Age of Illustration, Early Cartoonists, New Voices and New Narratives in Comics, Illustrations for Industry, Editorial Illustrators, Magazine Covers and Cartoons, and Political Cartoonists and Caricaturists. Drawn to ...
Kristen Graham covers the Philadelphia School District. A native Philadelphian – and a product of the school system and Temple University – she has written about everything from crime and county government to education since joining the Inquirer in 2000. Kristen is a Pulitzer Prize winner, part of a team ...
Some political cartoonists, especially those few with a steady job at a newspaper or magazine, don't see provocation as part of their job. Quite the opposite. As Kevin Kallaugher (known as KAL), an editorial cartoonist for The Economist and The Baltimore Sun, told The Washington Post, the secret to good ...
It's hard to say about my own peers, but it has to be said: New Zealand's group of political cartoonists has hardly changed in my lifetime. In an era of radical generational change in politics and media, our cartoonist pool is largely static and is hardly representational. To be blunt – it's very old, very male and ...

Trump would take on deranged shooters armed with assault rifles with his hands. If he were a teacher, he thinks having a gun in his diminutive hands would be even better. Because teachers are trusted people. His daughter, Ivanka, a close presidential adviser, also believes it's a good idea. And, as it turns ...
Political cartoonists, there's only about 100 of us left, I think. We're an endangered species. I saw the cartoon, I don't know how the editors let that cartoon go by because it was not based in any journalism at all but you know what, Albuquerque Journal? I'm available! You can buy my syndicated feed and I ...
Historian and author Bryan Le Beau will present “Abraham Lincoln and the Media: How Political Cartoonists Portrayed the Civil War President.” The event will take place at 7 p.m. Monday in the Xavier Theater at USM's main campus, 4100 S. Fourth St. Admission to the event is free, but seating is limited.
Many Americans believed that after the massacre of 20 first graders in Newtown, Conn. more than five years ago that gun laws would have changed. Instead, the New York Times notes that more than 400 people have been shot in over 200 school shootings since Sandy Hook. That the worst mass shooting ...
Uganda's political cartoonists have sharp pens, producing work that is often highly critical of the government and state of the country. And yet, unlike the rest of Uganda's media, they have largely managed to avoid the government's tightening grip on freedom of expression. This, despite “often controversial ...
Political cartoonists are not in the game to win popularity contests and Low would not have won a "Friend of Fascists" award. In September of 1939, the Evening Standard published perhaps his most famous cartoon. In it he satirized the cynicism that lay at the heart of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. He drew ...
This morning at the breakfast table the CEO was enjoying her coffee and chuckling with some political cartoons in our new favorite magazine. There's a lot of "fodder in the trough" for today's political cartoonists and most strike at the heart of our present political situation. Although many of these are clever, ...


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