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updated Sat. June 22, 2024

Everett Blakeley was in his junior year at the University of Washington in Seattle. World War II was going badly. It seemed as if Hitler might soon control Russia besides his conquest in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway. Blakeley enlisted in the Army Air Corps. In August 1941, he ...
... and we'll want to tie it to the beautiful aeronautical-inspired design that you see on the Aviator. But we are very pleased that it is very well known and has a lot of equity in that name. I even heard from a dealer out here that he has customers that are still holding on to their 2004 Aviators because they still ...

CAPITOL HILL — Lawmakers concerned with a recent uptick in deadly military aviation incidents pressed Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps leaders for details and possible solutions during a Thursday hearing. In the past three and a half weeks, 16 service members were killed in aviation accidents, said ...
Fran Bera's fascination with flight began when she took an airplane-themed carnival ride as a young girl in Michigan in the 1930s. As a teenager she hitchhiked more than 30 miles to an airfield, where she worked odd jobs and saved for flight lessons. She earned her pilot's license at 16, and by 24, the ...
This circa 1950 photo released by the U.S. Navy shows Jesse Brown in the cockpit of an F4U-4 Corsair fighter at an unidentified location. Brown, the first African-American naval aviator, died when he crashed behind enemy lines during the Korean War. Fellow aviator Thomas Hudner crash-landed his own ...
When you think of Lincoln you can't be blamed for imagining those Navigators and Continentals that pick up very important folks at the airport. But the automaker wants to make sure more than professional drivers get behind the wheel of their cars. The new Aviator looks like it might just do that.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - It was an hour of sadness, split seconds of roaring laughter and moments of silence to honor Lt. Cmdr. Brice Johnson and Lt. Caleb King. To the world they're known as two American heroes who were taken too soon, but to their 600 brothers and sisters in arms who gathered in this ...
The hits just keep coming from the New York auto show. Check out our video previews of the Genesis G70, Genesis Essentia Concept, and Lincoln Aviator. The Genesis G70 shares much of its engineering with the Kia Stinger, but it's shorter and slimmer, and that should make it sportier. The Aviator looks ...
Genesis unveiled the Essentia concept; Lincoln brought back the Aviator nameplate; and Toyota introduced the fifth-generation RAV4. It's the Week in Reverse, right here at Motor Authority. Genesis introduced the Essentia concept at the New York auto show with an electric powertrain, an F1-style ...
Last week, we reported on the teaser video dropped by Lincoln hyping the debut of the all-new Lincoln Aviator at the New York Auto Show. The last time we saw a new Lincoln Aviator was back in the original model's brief run from 2003-2005. Now that luxury SUVs have skyrocketed in popularity, the Aviator ...
Navy Diver 1st Class Wayne Shearer, the chamber supervisor and head of the three-man team from Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit 1, said his team is “a tool that's in the back pocket of every aviator onboard, and whether they decide to use it or not is up to them. All we can tell them is they're not going to ...
The Blue Oval's luxury brand on Wednesday flashed a pre-production preview of the Aviator. The utility vehicle has spacious interior design cues seen in the Navigator Lincoln executives say they can't make enough of, but it gets an exterior look Lincoln design director David Woodhouse and his crew made ...
WASHINGTONVILLE – For years, the major airline and regional air carriers have warned of a coming pilot shortage that will affect their ability to keep up with the demand for regularly scheduled flights. According to a news release by Build-A-Pilot, Corp., numerous reports in the past two years indicate that ...
KC-135 crew inspires future aviators at International Women's Day event. By 1st Lt. Carla Stefaniak, 22nd Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs / Published March 16, 2018. The all-female crew poses by the static display prior to the Girls Fly Too. PHOTO DETAILS / DOWNLOAD HI-RES 1 of 6. The all-female crew poses by the ...
Model aviators from around the globe competed at French Lick Resort Thursday in the championship for F1D indoor model aircraft: aircraft powered by rubber ... The aviators tightly wind special rubber bands to power the plane. The winner is the aviator who can keep his or her aircraft in the air the longest.
And for Ford Motor Company's (NYSE: F) next magic trick: It will bring the Lincoln Aviator back from the dead! The Lincoln Aviator was last seen in 2005 and, after only a three-year lifespan, was safely labeled a failure. You may have heard that Ford not only intends to bring back the Aviator, but also plans to ...
Air Force Rotary-Wing Aviator: 'The Ma'am Behind the Mustache' ... “This team is made up of highly trained, professional aviators,” said Air Force Maj. ... from deployment, Snow's next assignment will be at Fort Rucker, Alabama, to teach flying the TH-1H Huey II to the next generation of rotary-wing aviators.

The eligibility timeline has shifted from the expiration of the aviator's winging service obligation to their lieutenant commander board. Aviators can choose from a five-year contract or a three-year contract. Members who take the five-year contract early will receive a higher annual amount than members who ...
On the heels of the announcement last week by the Ford Motor Co. that it plans to spend $7 billion to bring new SUVs to showrooms, Lincoln is preparing to show off the production ready version of the all new Lincoln Aviator at the New York International Auto Show. The Lincoln Motor Co. offered few details ...
In 1919, three World War I aviators from Medford, Ore., Seely Hall, Floyd Hart, and Frank Farrell, formed an aviation corporation, the Medford Aeroplane, Co., and sold $100-shares to stockholders. Their goal was to sell rides to Rogue Valley residents. Hall and Hart went to the Mather Field in Sacramento, ...
“Lincoln Aviator” is a name that hasn't been in production since 2005. The original Lincoln Aviator was a short-lived SUV based on the third-generation Ford Explorer. It was a body-on-frame luxury SUV that only lasted three model years. Luxury SUVs are all the rage now, but the Aviator just didn't sell well ...
The first black woman aviator had to leave the U.S. in order to achieve her dreams ... “We must have aviators if we are to keep pace with the times. ... mechanic. When her body was found, there was a letter in her pocket from a 12-year-old African American girl telling her she wanted to be an aviator one day.
Southern Utah University student aviators take to the skies when calls for help go out. Written by Cody Blowers. March 18, 2018. SUU Aviation Program pilot flying NVG Operations in Iron County, Utah, date not specified | Photo courtesy of SUU Aviation Program, St. George News. ST. GEORGE — Southern Utah University's ...
Resurrecting a nameplate we haven't seen since 2005, Lincoln will preview a new Aviator SUV at the New York auto show later this month. Lincoln last used the Aviator name on an SUV based on the Ford Explorer. Although short-lived, running from the 2003-2005 model years, the SUV provided Lincoln ...
DETROIT -- Lincoln will debut its crossover with the resurrected Aviator name this month at the New York auto show, and it will be based off the redesigned Ford Explorer large crossover, expected in 2019, Ford Motor Co. executives confirmed Thursday. While announcing a new-product blitz that will give ...
Navy officials have identified the two aviators killed in March 14's Super Hornet crash as Lt. Caleb Nathaniel King, left, and Lt. Cmdr. James Brice Johnson. The Navy is investigating the ... The pilot, Johnson, was a naval aviator and 2007 graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy. He was at the jet's controls at ...
An airplane salesman flew to Durham to try to sell his sister and her boyfriend a small airplane. Wheeler, the son of the now-deceased John H. Wheeler, who led Durham-based Mechanics and Farmers Bank and was a leading civil rights and political figure, reluctantly tagged along on the demonstration ...
National Guard aviation units from western and southwestern states are coming to Dublin for the next few weeks for their annual training in conjunction with nearby civilian agencies. The training, which will focus on strengthening civilian and military coordination during regional emergencies, is set to start ...
A naval aviator is in the running to become the Navy's first female commanding officer of an aircraft carrier in the service's history. ... in my life have I actually sat there and thought about the fact that I was a woman doing this because for the most part, I was treated as a naval officer and an aviator,” she said.
Aircraft from Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 11 fly in close formation during a flight demonstration as part of Tiger Cruise 2017 aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68) in November 2017. US Navy photo. NAVAL AIR STATION FALLON, Nev. — The future of naval aviation is complex: aircraft are growing ...
In 1934, Spencer joined with a group of African American aviators in organizing the National Airmen Association of America (NAAA). Working as a kitchen helper in a Chicago restaurant, Spencer used most of his weekly wages for flying lessons. Later, he and a handful of companions bought an obsolete ...
Mindy and Kevin Lindheim landed in the aviation community's limelight after sharing stunning images on social media platforms from their 2017 hangar wedding amid historic and other aircraft. A highlight was their dramatic wedding reception arrival at Space Coast Regional Airport, which included the ...
The Navy is struggling to retain experienced aviators and may need to offer aviation incentive pay and aviation bonuses to help remedy the problem, Vice Adm. Robert ... The reserves are facing aviator shortages in the same communities, as well as in maritime patrol (VP) and fleet logistics (VR) squadrons.
The Continental, Navigator, and Nautilus have begun the design charge ahead for Lincoln Motor Company, the luxury arm of Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F). Now, the Aviator joins the stable as a “preview” vehicle, with a beefy elegance and alternative power options that show that Lincoln is finally once ...
A large search ensued, with 65 planes searching the ground for the aviator, and most people feared Pearson had perished in a crash. However, Pearson emerged several days later and reported that beaver trappers with burros helped him ride out of a canyon to a ranch where he eventually made his way ...
College student Cayla McLeod and commercial pilot Ryan Hunt are out to launch “the young people's Oshkosh” at the sprawling Triple Tree Aerodrome, known for its putting-green-perfect 7,000-foot-long grass strip, in South Carolina June 8 through 10. McLeod, a tailwheel private pilot who earned her ...


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