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updated Mon. December 25, 2023

Mark Dayton, capping a long and storied ag career. Mikkel Pates / Forum ... Frederickson was in the Senate and voted for the bill. ... He also served two terms in the Minnesota state Senate, where he was a key author of ethanol mandate laws that formed the basis of national renewable fuels standards.
Republicans, particularly in the state Senate, have offered a blistering response: Dayton's plan is too complex, and any tax increases are uncalled for in a state where businesses and families already face some of the highest taxes in the nation. “Unless we do something to become more competitive with ...

The correct answer is Tina Flint Smith, the junior senator from Minnesota — a Democrat appointed to fill out the term of former Sen. Al Franken, who ... She then began working for Mark Dayton, the winner of the Minnesota DFL primary who would go on to win the general election. Dayton hired Smith as his ...
Minnesota lawmakers and Gov. Mark Dayton reached an agreement to keep fixing the state's problematic licensing and registration system, which includes additional money and some new accountability measures. But the debate over how to make the system fully workable will continue. House and Senate ...
The proposal is just a piece of the state's $46 billion, two-year budget. Republicans quickly panned many of the governor's ideas. Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, R-Nisswa, characterized Dayton's budget proposal as overly complicated and criticized the governor for asking taxpayers to foot the bill to ...
Mark Dayton opened his last major political speech as governor of Minnesota with a joke — at his own expense. “Some people have suggested I conclude my speech now, to make certain I can walk out by myself,” the two-term Democrat said to laughs in a joint session of the House and Senate, which had ...

Efforts to fix glitches with the Minnesota vehicle registration, title and licensing computer system will remain in limbo at least through the weekend. An attempt by Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, for the full Senate to vote on a measure appropriating money to continue fixing the troubled MNLARS system ...
Mark Dayton's office and the Legislature of "finger pointing and blame assigning" instead of finding solutions. ... "I don't think that there is any question that we're going to have to spend more money," said Senate Transportation Chairman Scott Newman, a Republican from Hutchinson. "The real question is: ...
Mark Dayton recently proposed $21 million for school building safety improvements, school-based mental health and intervention and support for expelled students. Part of Dayton's plan resembled a proposal from Sen. Carla Nelson, R-Rochester, which had a hearing Monday. Her proposal would channel ...
MN Senate panel advances MNLARS bill ... The Minnesota Senate Transportation Committee advanced legislation Monday to provide $7.3 million for ongoing repairs and improvements to the state's motor vehicle ... Mark Dayton's administration to cut an equal amount from executive branch budgets.
Sen. Warren Limmer, R-Maple Grove, has been in the Legislature through five governors, starting with Rudy Perpich. While Limmer and Dayton are far apart ideologically, the senator from Maple Grove credited Dayton's direct approach. "I think Mark Dayton came in with a very sincere approach to ...
The Franken senate seat was not supposed to be up for a vote this year. But Franken's sudden resignation in December triggered a chain reaction of events that has made this arguably the most unpredictable senate race in the country. Governor Mark Dayton nominated his Lt. Governor, Tina Smith, to fill ...
Meanwhile, Al Franken announced that he was resigning from the Senate in early December and Gov. Mark Dayton appointed Lt. Gov. Tina Smith on Dec. 13 to fill the position until the next election. Smith then said she would seek re-election to the remaining two years of Franken's term and managed to ...
Mark Dayton walks out of the courtroom in the Capitol after oral arguments concluded in Minnesota Supreme Court in St. Paul, Minn., Monday, Aug. 28, 2017. ... Republican Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka said he thinks a bill might be ready next week to provide a lesser amount of funding.
Mark Dayton and several DFL lawmakers are proposing a dramatic expansion of the state's MinnesotaCare program, hoping to create a “public option” that would ... Senate Deputy Majority Leader Michelle Benson, R-Ham Lake, said that despite its surface appeal, the expansion could hurt doctors because ...
Fischbach and the lieutenant governor's office have become political pawns in a power struggle at the Capitol since she ascended to become Gov. Mark Dayton's second-in-command in January. The longtime Republican lawmaker is fighting to keep her seat in the Senate — protecting the GOP's one-seat ...
Mark Dayton signed the legislative budget bill into law Monday, officially ending the months-long legal battle between branches of government. On Feb. 22, Minnesota's Legislature moved quickly to restore its $130 million operating budget, putting the issue to rest by vote. The House and the Senate agreed ...

Minnesota's Legislature moved quickly on Thursday to restore its $130 million operating budget, putting the months-long legal battle with Gov. Mark Dayton over his veto of that funding behind to rest as the legislative session gears up. After months of bickering and a costly legal case that consumed much of ...
Mark Dayton on Wednesday asked state lawmakers for $10 million to keep fixing the state's messed-up license plate computer system. ... In theory, House and Senate leaders could draft a bill, suspend various rules designed to prevent rushed legislation, and approve Dayton's request Thursday. Or they ...
In her day job, Republican Sen. Michelle Fischbach presides over debate and represents a crucial vote in the Minnesota Senate. In her other day job, she's the state's new lieutenant governor and would ascend to the top job if anything happened to DFL Gov. Mark Dayton. The combination has created ...
Fischbach, who served as Senate president, automatically became lieutenant governor in January, after Gov. Mark Dayton appointed former Lt. Gov. Tina Smith to the U.S. Senate. Fischbach and her attorneys argued that a 1898 Minnesota Supreme Court case says the Senate president can serve as ...
Republican state senators and DFL Gov. Mark Dayton agreed on the first steps Monday toward fixing Minnesota's troubled vehicle registration and license system, but political roadblocks still loom. Long-planned, expensive upgrades to the Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS) have ...
And will this whole ordeal create a temporary tie in the Minnesota Senate, where Republicans control the chamber by a single vote? All of these questions have been lingering for months, after DFL Gov. Mark Dayton appointed former Lt. Gov. Tina Smith to the United States Senate, triggering a rarely used clause of ...
... a Senate and a House of Representatives and hopefully a president who will deal with real issues." Smith, who previously served as lieutenant governor of Minnesota, was appointed to the seat Painter is eyeing in December 2017 by Gov. Mark Dayton, and her one-year term will expire in January 2019.
"It's high time that we look at how we can make our schools safe and secure for our students," said Sen. Carla Nelson, R-Rochester, who chairs the Senate's E-12 Finance Committee. Nelson said she's been talking to law enforcement officials who told her to "harden the target," and to school leaders, who ...


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