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鄭 nation has prestige according to its merits. America's contribution to world civilization must be more than a continuous performance demonstration that we can police the planet."
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updated Sun. October 15, 2023

Eugene McCarthy had already launched a presidential campaign the previous fall based on ending the war. Without discounting the persuasiveness of these arguments, scholar Vaughn Davis Bornet offers a different interpretation in an article, “The Real Reason LBJ Didn't Run for Re-Election in 1968.”.
(NMAAHC, gift of Vincent DeForest). On May 7, Kennedy won the Indiana primary. Three weeks later, he lost Oregon to U.S. Senator Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota, and on June 4, he triumphed again in California and South Dakota. After RFK's early-morning victory speech in Los Angeles, Sirhan Sirhan,テδε「ツツ堙δづつ...

The big story in politics at the time, Brokaw recalled, was Kennedy versus Eugene McCarthy for the Democratic presidient nomination, especially after President Lyndon Johnson on March 31 announced he would not seek a second presidential term. The nomination would eventually go to Vice Presidentテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
It was on March 12, 1968, that McCarthy ran a strong second-place finish behind President Lyndon Johnson in the New Hampshire Democratic Primary. The result had a strong political effect. Bobby Kennedy declared his candidacy four days later and Johnson, rocked by the close result in the Newテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
Emboldened by one of the finest grassroots campaign in our country's history, Eugene McCarthy, Minnesota's senior U.S. senator at the time and better known as Gene, nearly defeated incumbent President Lyndon Johnson in the March 12 New Hampshire primary. Johnson received 49 percent of the voteテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...

And on March 12, 1968, it all came crashing down, thanks to a Minnesotan. Sen. Eugene McCarthy scored 42 percent of the vote in the New Hampshire primary that day, a shocking result that pierced the illusion of Johnson's omnipotence. The Texas political giant left the presidential race by the end of theテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
Fifty years ago next week, Senator Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota scored a near-upset in New Hampshire's Democratic presidential primary, setting in motion Lyndon Johnson's announcement, three weeks later, that he would “not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term asテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...

Eugene McCarthy came within 230 votes of defeating Johnson in the New Hampshire Democratic primary. Four days later, Sen. Robert Kennedy, younger brother of the slain president, announced that he too would challenge the incumbent. At the end of the month, a weary Johnson delivered a long,テδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
As Eugene McCarthy showed in 1968 or Bernie Sanders showed again in 2016, it is possible to conduct effective outsider and insurgent politics within the two parties. But effective politics is only possible within the two parties. Anything else is a temper tantrum. Two-party dominance of the electoral processテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
I supported Eugene McCarthy for president when I was a teenager. McCarthy was an ultra-liberal who opposed Vice President Hubert Humphrey for the Democrat Party nomination for president in 1968. McCarthy supported abortion, feminism and hated our military. He was so far to the political left, that aテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
On March 31, Johnson—facing strong opposition from anti-war candidates Eugene McCarthy and Robert Kennedy—announced he would not seek re-election that year. Meanwhile, the Smothers brothers continued to find themselves in trouble with CBS. In the 1968-1969 season premiere, the networkテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
If Mr. Berschinski believes that there is something the matter with criticising the military, let him start with George McGovern and Eugene McCarthy. FriendlyGoat. You would think we might have a Congress, even a Republican Congress, pointing out that no money has ever been appropriated for the CIC toテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
Martin Luther King Jr. was preparing to begin several marches that would highlight the poverty of black America. And politicians in his own Democratic Party, such as Minnesota Sen. Eugene McCarthy and, later former Attorney General Robert Kennedy, were making noises about challenging him for theテδε「ツツ堙δづつ...
Share? Posted: Saturday, February 3, 2018 12:34 am. Letter writer had wrong McCarthy. To The Sun: In a Jan. 27 Public Mind, Richard Sengphiel of Lawrence claims to remember when Sen. Eugene McCarthy of Wisconsin was destroying careers while rooting out non-existent communists in the 1950s.
Hard Time Party: An interesting party was given at the home of the Wall family at 411 Market St. It was a Hard Time Party where there was not a chair in sight and everyone sat on the floor. Ragged coats and trousers, worn-out boots, dresses and bonnets of a forgotten generation made up the costumes.


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