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updated Mon. April 1, 2024

Dennis Kucinich confirmed he will attend the meeting in a news release Saturday, saying the board's letter noted "this is an urgent matter." "We as a community have been duped and we need to fight," the letter, which was signed by all five board members, said. "Since the introduction of a CEO, we have ...

Dennis Kucinich speaks during a news conference in Middleburg Heights. Tony Dejak — The Associated Press ... Former U.S. Representative and Ohio Gubernatorial candidate Dennis Kucinich will attend a Lorain City Schools Board of Education Meeting on March 5. Kucinich's appearance comes at the ...
Democratic governor candidate Dennis Kucinich quickly jumped on that issue with a position that aligns with the feelings of many Democratic voters. Mr. Kucinich and his running mate, Akron city Councilman Tara Samples, are advocating for a statewide ban on assault weapons. Ms. Samples has used her ...
He stopped short of calling for a ban on the weapons. Still, his ideas are dangerous territory for those who want full NRA support. Will voters care? Cordray's top opponent in the Democratic primary is former Cleveland mayor and congressman Dennis Kucinich. He called this week for a complete ban on ...
His supporters' endorsement of Dennis Kucinich over Richard Cordray for the Ohio governorship is raising eyebrows — and questions — about the Sanders movement's 2020 prospects. For those who enjoy keeping up with intra-progressive intrigue, there's been a buzz this week about the official ...
Dennis Kucinich along with running mate Tara Samples call for Ohio cities to lobby for assult weapon bans in Cleveland on Monday. David C. Barnett / Ideastream. Gubernatorial hopeful Dennis Kucinich is calling for cities across Ohio to lobby state lawmakers to ban assault rifles. The former Ohio ...
Dozens of rain-soaked rallyers gathered in a meeting room at the downtown DoubleTree Hotel Monday afternoon as Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dennis Kucinich and his running mate, Akron City Councilwoman Tara Samples, alongside a roster of speakers and sign-wielding supporters, promoted ...
The man who saved Cleveland — and paid the ultimate political price for it — now wants to do the same for Ohio. Dennis Kucinich, the boy mayor of Cleveland who went on to serve nearly two decades in Congress, is running for governor on a platform of radical change to how the energy industry operates ...
CLEVELAND, Ohio - During a Tuesday appearance at the City Club of Cleveland, former U.S. Rep. and Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Dennis Kucinich went on the attack against primary rival Richard Cordray, saying Cordray wasn't tough enough on guns or the gun lobby. Since the mass shooting at a ...
But when the subject is Dennis Kucinich, leaving oneself some wiggle room is always advised. When Kucinich lost the mayoralty of Cleveland to George Voinovich in 1979, there wasn't a political expert or journalist on the planet who did not believe his career was finished. Thirty-nine years, eight terms in ...



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