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updated Fri. May 17, 2024

"There was a time when nontheist organizations wouldn't appropriately address unethical conduct of their leaders, seeming to prioritize outspoken secularism over all else," stated AHA Executive Director Roy Speckhardt. "But I'm pleased that some progress is apparent with the nontheist movement waking ...
While DoD has recognized chaplains for religious groups that are non-theist (for example, the Buddhist Churches of America is non-theistic, but does believe in a transcendent reality, which is a religious belief), it has not extended the chaplaincy to philosophical belief. The distinction between the two has ...

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is the nation's largest nontheist advocacy organization. It promotes the separation of church and state and has sued municipal governments over religious displays on public property. News of the church directory got the attention of attorney Charles LiMandri, who ...
The Freedom From Religion Foundation is the nation's largest non-theist advocacy organization. They promote the separation of church and state and have sued municipal governments over religious displays in public property. News of the church directory got the attention of Charles LiMandri, the lawyer ...
According to, a non-theist "may reject all understandings of God, may embrace certain non-theistic understandings of God, may find God language useful and rich in trying to describe their experience of the world but not true in a literal sense, may believe in certain non-material, ...

The ruling came after a coalition in Brevard sued the county, after the Commission declined to allow atheists, agnostics and other "non-theists" to be part of the invocation rotation. Jocelyn and David Williamson are the co-founders of the Central Florida Freethought Community. They'll be speaking at 6:30 ...
A few Sundays ago, a 93-year-old Christian gentleman attended a discussion, sponsored by Humanists of the Treasure Coast, regarding a proposal from Florida legislators to mandate the posting of "In God We Trust" on public school buildings. This gentleman suggested the posting would motivate children ...

That student's non-theist parents said they felt "alienated" and "stigmatized" by the school's endorsement of Christianity during their daughter's graduation held at the chapel of North Greenville University. The Greenville County School District in court filings said that official prayer is unconstitutional and ...
I try to edge Ernie into the non-theist camp, but he just cries every time he thinks about what happened to me. He isn't hurting anyone, so I don't prod too hard. He has a grandchild who is a transgendered male, and Ernie stands up to the bullies who were once his friends who tell him his grandchild is going ...
This morning, Donald Trump spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, the same event at which he once promised a repeal of the Johnson Amendment (which never happened) and trashed Arnold Schwarzenegger. He didn't make any promises this time, and he stuck to the prepared remarks, but that didn't ...
Federal Court Rules Brevard County Commission Cannot Discriminate Against Non-Theists ... released late Saturday, the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida struck down the Brevard County, Fla., Board of County Commissioners' exclusion of nontheists from giving pre-meeting invocations.
"Though the starting point for theists and nontheists might be different, we come to the same conclusion: that we only have religious freedom when all people do," Tyler noted. American Atheists and the Center for Inquiry recently joined with two other nontheist groups to call for increased dialogue with ...
As a secular person I was curious if this welcoming extends to nonbelievers. Mark responded, “There are many nontheists in our congregation, probably a majority, though it's hard to say. It's not a litmus test either way for us. The whole notion of what we call God, the divine, the holy, to my mind, is a lot more ...


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