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updated Sat. May 25, 2024

... close, and there are two feature films awaiting release: The Truth Commissioner, about a diplomat appointed to head up a South African-style truth commission in Northern Ireland, and the comedy thriller Ilkley, in which he plays a Richard Dawkins-type atheist author targeted by Christian fundamentalists.
I speak, of course, of the coalition of Christian fundamentalists (who mostly ignore the fundamentals of Christianity) and market fundamentalists (who demand the violation of Christian fundamentals in the pursuit of their profoundly anti-Christian economic superstitions). So the now-dominant congregations ...

Minds great and small have debated the concept of Hell for millennia. Christian fundamentalists think it's stoked with fire and brimstone; Dante believed it is frozen in the middle. George Bernard Shaw said it's full of amateur musicians. Nobel laureate Jean-Paul Sartre added his now-famous insight, “Hell is ...
Christian fundamentalists who are homeschooling kids into God and “weapons and stuff” sounds like a Petri dish incubating crazy. Schultz described Conditt as a “pretty normal kid.” She said that a lot of children who were part of RIOT carried knives and learned how to shoot guns at gun ranges, but she ...
... suppress pork in schools, ban alcohol in predominantly Muslim areas that have buttressed the more reactionary agents of nativist politics. Not by chance, it is the National Front that attracts the largest numbers of Christian fundamentalists who now see themselves in competition for political predominance.
It remained the largest party in parliament, but had to rely on the votes of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party —hard-right Loyalists and Christian fundamentalists — to secure a shaky and uncertain Commons majority. The result was also a substantial blow to the centrist Liberal Democrats, reduced ...

The crippling of trade unions has been the goal of the National Right to Work Committee since it was formed in 1955 by a collection of hard-core conservatives, anti-communist zealots and Christian fundamentalists. The committee's first president was former New Jersey Congressman Fred Hartley, ...
To Jews keenly aware that Jesus was born a Jew, preached as a Jew, and was martyred as a Jew, a Biblical verse used by Christian fundamentalists to justify a belief that heaven is closed to them is anything but “marvelous.” This was a cross Graham had to bear, and how he did it would involve two U.S. ...
Charedim, Salafis and Christian fundamentalists pushing Creationism accept evolution when they obey medical instruction to take an entire course of antibiotics. Could they accept that to deprive children of basic science in a society dependent on engineering and pubic health is as much a sin as to deprive ...
In the South, where conservative white Democrats who felt betrayed by the pro–civil rights agenda of the national party were rapidly switching political affiliation, another group joined the fold: Christian fundamentalists. Soon to be labeled the Religious Right, these new Republicans focused on social and ...

When Christian fundamentalists excoriated him in the 1950s for moving away from a narrow way of thinking, Graham pointed out that he recognized people in all churches, saying he would “go anywhere, sponsored by anybody.” • He also was able to show the nation that he too was a man with regrets and ...
He resurrected the term “evangelical” because he was at odds with Christian fundamentalists like Bob Jones who wanted a more distinct separation from non-Christians. He “recreated the term 'evangelical' to describe conservative Protestants who were not fundamentalists,” Fitzgerald said. In fact, Graham ...
Hicks has yet to give her blessing to either party—and is reported to harbor resentment toward Schlapp—further dramatizing an already volatile hiring. Joining this self destructive team, one defined by squabbles between Christian fundamentalists and former Victoria's Secret models as-of-late, is a graduate ...
Ross was hired by the game's developers, Ubisoft, to help their team create a fictional cult. The cult they invented is a fairly garden variety of Christian fundamentalists, holed up in the hills of Montana and armed to the teeth. Players assume the role of a local police rookie, assigned to helicopter in and arrest ...
There are very small groups of Christian fundamentalists. But they are not only a threat to Buddhists; they are also a danger to Hindus, moderate Christians and Catholics as well. Will there be more violence in the coming days? I don't think this violence will continue—though we never know. The violence is ...
Our “fantasy-industrial complex” might be too deeply ingrained to be uprooted, reinforced by the Internet, television, film, advertising, theme parks, themed conventions, and especially—as he sees it—Christianity. Although Andersen directs his tirades primarily against Christian fundamentalists who want to ...
In response, Christian fundamentalists had proposed a new, "scientific" version of Biblical creation that could be taught alongside evolution, as an alternative. Legal challenges to this new "creation science" were making their way through the courts across many southern states while McCarthy was writing ...


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