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updated Sat. December 30, 2023

As a secular person I was curious if this welcoming extends to nonbelievers. Mark responded, “There are many nontheists in our congregation, probably a majority, though it's hard to say. It's not a litmus test either way for us. The whole notion of what we call God, the divine, the holy, to my mind, is a lot more ...

In the past, Herington Elementary School allowed the Christian organization The Gideons International to distribute free Bibles to fifth-graders once a year. But the school recently received complaints from local parents and the American Humanist Association, an advocacy organization for nontheists.
For years atheists, humanists and other nontheists have been accused by conservative Christians of immorality. This thinking largely comes from the assumption that nontheists are prone to acts of extreme hedonism and evil because they don't ascribe to a holy book of instructions or fear an eternal ...
In a decision released late Saturday, the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida struck down the Brevard County, Fla., Board of County Commissioners' exclusion of nontheists from giving pre-meeting invocations. In its ruling, the court says a local governing body cannot limit invocation officiants ...
To be sure, nontheists and religious freedom advocates are often in legal conflict in cases of religious expression on public property or allowing faith-based groups tax breaks and access to public funding. For example, the Center for Inquiry spoke out against the Supreme Court's June ruling in favor of ...
While the interview is compelling overall, Simon makes some insulting statements about nontheists that deserve to be addressed. The first ... What's more, humanists, atheists, and other nontheists have decades of experience in fighting some of the worst disasters on this planet, both man-made and natural.
Candidates like Jamie Raskin, who is the Democratic nominee for Maryland's 8th Congressional District and identifies as a humanist supported by the Freethought Equality Fund, have the chance to lead by example and show the American people that nontheists deserve a say in the political process.
The Freethought Alliance–a coalition of 28 Orange County secular organizations–on May 4 hosts the county's first Sunday Assembly, " a godless congregation that celebrates life." ] Sunday Assemblies are held around the country and have received much press. (Visit for proof, ...
I am announcing support and endorsement of Sally Hunt in the efforts to revert the national code of unity back to “e pluribus unum” from its current code of oppression and imposition “In God We Trust.” All Union and Washington nontheists and secularists are proud to be part of this correlation and moment to ...


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