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 Yabad, West Bank, Palestine

Ya'bad is a Palestinian town in the northern West Bank, 20 kilometers west of Jenin in the Jenin Governorate. It is a major agricultural town with most of its land covered with olive groves and grain fields. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the town had a population of 13,640 in 2007. logo
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updated Wed. May 12, 2021

Then it come to mi seh eena dis ya time, JLP an PNP a di two crocodile. A time di politician dem eena di two party stop full up fi dem belly an start use dem head fi see how dem coulda mek life better fi poor people eena dis ya country. Look pon di crosses wid di tiefin bank dem! Dem just a dig out wi eye.
It was bad luck. I guess Irma hates poetry,” he chuckles. But the storm didn't stop the momentum of O, Miami. The team has already put together more than 30 events, including a collaboration with the Frost Museum of Science and the Library of Congress in which animations set to excerpts of poems from ...

The Long Island, New York, native helped launch Diddy's Bad Boy Entertainment with his first album, "Project: Funk da World." It was anchored by "Flava in Ya Ear," which was nominated for a Grammy. The remix also included LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes and the then up-and-coming Biggie Smalls.
Alice and Ella have moved from place to place in an attempt to avoid the “bad luck” that seems to follow them. Weird things have happened. As a child, Alice was kidnapped by a man who took her on a road trip to find her grandmother; he was stopped by the police before they did so. When at 17 she sees ...
A bunch of Utah lawmakers thought it would be a good idea to make the legislative process more accessible by explaining it via the pop-culture poetry of our time: rap. Set to the ultra-current 26-year-old strains of the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (aka Will ...
I was scared, excited, and enjoyed watching the bad guys get their comeuppance. Now, critics are going to tear this movie apart, yet they all praised the overrated John Wick, which was similar. Critics are always going to talk about it possibly being irresponsible, as it might glorify guns to some people. Ya ...

Emergency Contact is her first foray into writing YA fiction, one that uses her established internet voice as a springboard into a conversational and modern .... I thought about it a lot when I was reading The Idiot, also — whether there is something inherently bad or evil about wanting someone to exist for you ...
The British bulldog credited as a lucky charm during the Western Bulldogs' drought-breaking 2016 premiership has died overnight. Sid the bulldog died after being taken to the vet with breathing complications yesterday. He served as Bulldogs mascot for seven years, retiring from duties aged nine early last ...
*...well too bad, because Ron didn't make any. The trade deadline came and went and the only move Hextall made was to take Johnny Oduya off of waivers. Which is, you know, whatever, but it's another body in front of Travis Sanheim and that's a little annoying. Anyhoo, here's some stuff about the newest ...
Justin Trudeau's very bad trip to India may carry a steep cost. As India has opened its historically protectionist economy to the world in recent years, Canada has been jockeying to benefit from the emerging opportunities. This trip is pretty much the opposite of how to achieve that. Prime Minister Justin ...
More important, Killmonger's plan wasn't intentionally bad because film director Ryan Coogler wanted to discredit revolution; it was bad because there are still a lot of people dumb enough to think that black freedom in America can be achieved through direct combat. Peaceful Black Lives Matter activists get ...
The novel's crime is that it depicts two ordinary teenagers, Katherine and Michael, who get to know each other and have sex — and nothing bad happens. We are by now quite familiar with young adult works that use sex as a go-to for danger. On the Y.A. shelf of any bookstore or library, there are books ...
But DuVernay's feature feels different, a step away from its YA contemporaries in that it remains unconcerned with love triangles and caste systems ... giving humanity a fighting chance against evil) it does feature a myriad of hefty science fiction ideas to buy into alongside its focus on love and forgiveness.
Grammy-nominated rapper Craig Mack, who performed the 1994 hit “Flava in Ya Ear” for Sean “Diddy” Combs' Bad Boy label, has died at age 46. ... “It was a pleasure to know you & rock with you,” tweeted LL Cool J, who performed on Mack's remix for “Flava in Ya Ear” with Notorious B.I.G., Busta and ...
“The good news is that we're celebrating our 10-year anniversary during the 2018-19 season, but the bad news is that we've found out we do not have a building fund if anything should majorly go wrong,” said Schotz. Tickets to the Gala are $10 each, and membership in the arts council is not required.
Comedian Michael Blackson is just too savage for his own good. The hip-hop funnyman has the Internet in tears after adding fuel to the non-stop trolling of vixen Blac Chyna following an unauthorized sex tape leak. Blackson went to Instagram Tuesday (February 20) to playfully take a few digs at Chyna and ...
More importantly Killmonger's plan wasn't intentionally bad because Ryan Coogler wanted to discredit revolution, it was bad because there are still a lot of people dumb enough to think that black freedom in America can be achieved through direct combat. Peaceful Black Lives Matter activists get shot on ...

The novel's crime is that it depicts two ordinary teenagers, Katherine and Michael, who get to know each other and have sex — and nothing bad happens. We are by now quite familiar with young adult works that use sex as a go-to for danger. On the Y.A. shelf of any bookstore or library, there are books ...
Here in 2018, viewers don't really care about YA dystopias anymore, and they sure as hell don't seem to care about The Maze Runner. We all should have seen this coming, considering the mediocre reception the end of the Hunger Games franchise received from critics and viewers alike, and again when ...
I feel bad for her. I love her so much.” Luna seems to be a night owl already. “She sleeps all day and is up all night,” Adkins continued about his wife, who is a “great mother.” Duque, 32, apparently feels the same, telling People before the birth: “Jay is an absolutely awesome husband, dad and friend.
The apocalypse looms, ya'll. On Thursday, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced that the infamous, symbolic “Doomsday Clock” had ... It's when it gets to twelve that it gets really bad. But look, it was a graphical image that was invented in 1947. And it had resonance. So, it's a symbol. You're right in ...
Post Malone got a quick backlash from his fans after he took a heavily armored lift around Las Vegas atop Humvee with what appeared to be a fully automatic machine gun, but the rapper is claiming the weapon was fake and he did not mean to upset anyone. The “Rockstar” rapper posted the video ...
Warning: Possible spoilers for the TV show "This Is Us" ahead. Running social media for an iconic American product has to be difficult enough without a TV show painting your main moneymaker as a murderer. So when NBC show "This Is Us" hinted Tuesday that an old Crock-Pot with a faulty switch leads ...
It's not often that YA dystopian novel-turned-films — of which there has been no dearth of late — aspire to that level of emotional and cinematic craftsmanship, ... Dashner's novels were never what one would call excellent: They're good airport fiction, with a healthy dose of silliness (the bad guys are called ...
I'm talking, I'm calling you out each and every time because, you know, ya'll think ya'll doing so great in your country — like I said, it's a small country — which I'm happy for him. I'm very happy for Joshua for what he's doing. But when it comes to the boxing business of it, when it comes to seeing who's the ...
There's also speculation that Ya'alon, a former Israel Defense Forces chief of staff, is seeking some sort of cooperation with another former chief of staff, Gabi Ashkenazi; is wielding moderate pressure on yet ... Yet in the latest poll Likud showed [support equivalent to] 25 seats, which isn't all that bad.
Later, Jennifer is seen with a friend just doing what teens do, ya know, drinking a bottle of wine under the gym bleachers no worries. Her excuse? “YOLO.” Probably the show's most “how do you do fellow kids” moment so far is counterbalanced by Khalil's emotional response to her pain. The new couple ...
Shooting each other, ya betcha. 2. When was the last mass-shooting that didn't involve a high-capacity rifle and or handgun? I'm not sure I can name a single one. 3. Ratio of good guys shooting the bad guys and saving lives vs. criminal gun deaths — I can't give you this number because the NRA has ...
and the number of accidents only increase during the winter. many truck drivers get a bad rep for driving too fast for conditions. stanley says ... "late at night a lot of times, i've even had big trucks come up behind ya with the bright lights on and that gets pretty aggravating and a lot of times you get the cars ...
He is OK at letting go of ladies who he's not feelin' it with, but really bad at expressing those feelings, which left kind of a bad aftertaste at the end of those two ... Lauren S. needs her sleep but she doesn't really need to sleep in, ya know, and Arie is a guy who goes to bed early and wears cardigans and oh, ...
You gotta do it yourself ain't ya, these days. If you want it done proper, ... I'm not gonna sit at home crying 'cause someone's given me a bad review or something. I don't care what you think ... I think when you've had nothing and you get something you wanna the best for your kids, don't ya? But I don't vote ...
While fictional YA love stories are not my typically on my reading list, A Taxonomy of Love was a welcomed pleasure to read and one I look forward to ... make you feel pressured to do anything you don't want to do or make you feel like you have to stay with someone when the relationship is bad for you.
She and I had this thing where, like, we couldn't tell if we were friends or what. I wrote a couple bad poems about her, I'm sure.” (Laughs) ... Ever since I wrote 'Romeo and Juliet,' I'm kind of, like, either ya get me or ya don't. I like my work! I don't need other people to tell me that 'Romeo and Juliet' is good.”.
It's been 10 years of victories, losses, good times, bad decisions, things we thought we'd never see, things we never could've imagined—and frankly, it's time to take .... Suddenly any book could be drawn out into two movies, especially the final volumes of YA series like Twilight and The Hunger Games.
“Growing up watching The Muppets and Sesame Street religiously gave me the advantage that I have now. The partnership with YouTube's Creators of Change will help tackle negative, counter-productive and simply bad content on YouTube, especially as kids are more informed nowadays than ever.
Nairobi women have narrated their experiences with nosy sisters-in-law whose interference, they say, have cost some of them their marriages. The conversation was started by one online user on a closed Facebook group who wondered whether anybody else was having a bad experience with their ...
And, because he rarely misses an opportunity to accuse others of bad will, he added that the problem with dealing with protections for Dreamers and military spending and maybe everything else was “Democrats not being interested in life and safety.” In a tweet the night before, he had insulted the South ...
Again, never met him but, he was one of several folks who have bad renters the last 3 weeks they want to get rid of. Well, the States Attorney can't do that for ya. You have to ... And, when did eating with your friends, having a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and answering their questions become a bad thing?
The curriculum includes knowledge on medicines, traffic rules, good touch bad touch, mathematics fundamentals, best out of waste, reading/writing skills ... Also, recognising the lack of a proper environment, resources, motivation and mentors, YA has launched three projects to resolve three different issues.
Nite love ya.” She added, “James Franco just won. Please never ask me why I left the film/tv business." Her tweets were just some of the social media .... Hilary Dusome, who took one of his classes in 2012, recalled a similar story, adding, “I don't think he started teaching with bad intentions, but he went ...
Some may believe riding a zipline across the Mississippi River in mid-winter in Minneapolis is a bad idea. ... Ya snoozed, ya lost. The $30-a-pop rides sold out in less than an hour, according to organizers. The committee had already sold 4,000 rides during the first round of reservations last month. Initially ...
We cannot really say for sure whether there's Life On Mars, but there's definitely life after death - as the late and great Davis Bowie has proven. UK fans of the music legend have bought two million albums by the singer since his death on January 10th 2016. They have also bought five million of his records, ...
When I taste tequila / Baby I still see ya / Cutting up the floor in a sorority t-shirt / The same one you wore when we were / Sky high in Colorado, lips pressed against a bottle / Swearing on a bible baby I'd never leave ya / I remember how bad I need ya / When I taste tequila, when I taste tequila. I can kiss ...
I'll tell ya – I will live to see the day the Trump empire will be in disrepute, all those hotels and country clubs will be forced to change their names and some of us ... The news cycle seems clouded by bad weather and bad politics, which means it's not news, just the same stuff that made 2017 so attractive to ...
"They don't want to be thought of as bad people," Reha said. Other times the extortionist pretends to be a family member or attorney for a relative who needs bail ... Ask questions. "We'll tell ya if you've got a warrant," Houchin said. "Just call us directly." The sheriff's office telephone number is 402-441-6500.
Nelson said many Utah readers also choose YA fiction because they want to read something clean, and a good majority of teen fiction is fairly free of graphic violence, sexual content and bad language relative to adult fiction. “A lot of readers in Utah appreciate that, and I know a lot of adult readers who ...
... 'How about Jesse from Breaking Bad, like, 'Hey ya'll'? We mentioned that to our casting director and she suggested we just ask Aaron, so we picked up the phone and he said yes. That shows you the power of Black Mirror." For those wondering, the Breaking Bad scene used in the promo is from Season ...
The researchers conducted their studies at Lola ya Bonobo, a sanctuary for orphaned bonobos in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Bonobos are said to be the most endangered great ape, with perhaps as few as 5000 remaining in the wild. Twenty-four apes participated in the primary experiment, ...
... TV series is coming to Freeform. Expect the romance between Ty "Cloak" Johnson (Aubrey Joseph) and Tandy "Dagger" Bowen (Olivia Holt) to take a prominent role in this. In fact, since this is coming to the youth-centric Freeform network, it makes sense that this would have something of a YA approach.
Now, it's getting a bad rap for its crime problem from famous rappers Nicki Minaj and Future in an explicit song, “You da Baddest.” New Mexico's murder rate is ... “Sadly it's understandable because they know nothing about our culture, about the city, but ya… that definitely is not cool.” The song has been ...


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