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updated Sun. July 25, 2021

The National Bureau on Saturday published a list of Israeli Occupation and settler assaults against Palestinians over the last week. The violations included home demolitions and demolition notices, settlement expansion, bulldozing land, land expropriation, attacking youths and displacing Palestinian ...
They added that the soldiers abducted a young man, and took him to an unknown destination, in addition to assaulting and wounding another. In related news, many army vehicles invade Kifl Hares town, in Salfit governorate in northwestern West Bank, and closed all its roads to allow groups of colonialist ...

The group, based at West Bank Road in the city, has consistently paid out dividends in recent years, including £980,000 in 2015. In a bumper year for ... Other directors to serve on the board with Mr Irvine include Paul O'Hare, Catherine O'Hare, Lynn Caulfield and Frank Rowbotham. Ms Caulfield and Mr ...
That rivalry prevails, not only in disputed Kashmir, a problem as old as the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, and sometimes breaks out into violence. ... It is necessary to be agile in somehow running with the hare and hunting with the hounds in sometimes- competing countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, ...
The Palestinian was with his family when the colonists attacked him, and was rushed to a local clinic. In related news, the soldiers isolated Kifl Hares, Hares and Deir Istiya towns, north of Salfit, in central West Bank. The soldiers also invaded and searched a gas station in Deir Istiya, and examined the ID ...
It's hard to concentrate on the art when the history of the walls it hangs on so completely blows your mind. That's how I felt when I visited the Sammlung Boros in Berlin. For me, the artists' meditations on modern concerns—consumer culture, identity—were dwarfed by the building that housed them: a Nazi bunker, built by ...

Later video footage showed Israeli forces conducting raids in the nearby village of Kafl Hares, in the northern West Bank. According to Haaretz, the head of the local council of the town, Abd al-Rahim Buzaya said that the Israeli army blocked all entrances to the town, did not allow anyone to leave and ...
... whereas the Israeli military rules the occupied West Bank with martial law. In the aftermath of the fatal stabbing, dozens of Israeli paramilitary settlers gathered along roads in the area around Salfit, and the entrances to the villages of Hares and Kifl Hares, and attacked passing Palestinian cars with stones.
Palestinian officials condemned the move. "Netanyahu is trying to make facts on the ground. All settlements in the West Bank, including in Jerusalem, are illegal," said Wasel Abu Youssef, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organisation's executive committee. Israeli settlements are seen as illegal under ...
A Chicago-based Palestinian activist with a decades-old record of bombings in Jerusalem will be deported to Jordan on Tuesday, her spokesman said. Supporters and community activists plan to gather at O'Hare Airport's international terminal before Rasmea Odeh, 70, departs for Jordan, said Hatem ...
Shortly before Kushner spoke, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned that American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital would jeopardize the White ... "It's been 10 months, and we're stuck," Al Zayed, a janitor at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, said through an Arabic interpreter.
In the West Bank, Israeli forces continued to use force against the protests organized by Palestinian civilians and international human rights defenders against the annexation wall, confiscation of lands and crimes of settlement expansion. During the reporting period, dozens of Palestinian civilians, ...
Why this persistent discrepancy? Because of Israel's security services, which usually have the last word on policy, resist any steps that could possibly provoke Palestinian violence. “Things now are about as good as possible,” they imply, “so please stay away with any hare-brained ideas about our getting ...
Some of the figures before which Mr Schama pauses are themselves works of art, such as the circling hares that appear on tombstones in Satanow, now ... faced a challenge from the spiritual Zionism of Ahad Ha'am, who thought that the Jewish religion needed to be at the centre of any Palestinian project.
An Israeli colonist rammed, on Wednesday evening, a Palestinian child with his car, near Salfit in central West Bank, and fled the scene. Medical sources said the child, identified as Yamen Mustafa Soufi, 8, from Hares village, suffered moderate but stable wounds, and was moved to an Israeli hospital.
A mountain hare sits in the first winter snow on the slopes of Ben Rinnes, Cairngorms national park, Scotland. Photograph: Paul Carpenter/Alamy. Facebook Twitter Pinterest ... A white-throated kingfisher eating a snake near the West Bank city of Nablus. Photograph: Alaa Badarneh/EPA. Facebook Twitter ...
Meanwhile, Israeli army notified five Palestinian families in the village of Deir Ballout, near the town of Salfit in the West Bank, about its intention to demolish tents ... The Israeli authorities had also notified a Palestinian from the nearby village of Hares to stop the construction of his home for lacking an Israeli ...

It reported in this regard Abbas affirmed that the Palestinian leadership and people stand with Saudi Arabia in the face of attacks against it. The dailies added that ... Al-Ayyam also reported that an Israeli settler rammed his vehicle into a Palestinian child in the Salfit district village of Hares. Furthermore ...
Doha Jassem, who shares the shelter with her brother and his family, .... off by clashes over tensions following an influx of Palestinian refugees.
In the West Bank, on 25 August 2017, Israeli forces wounded 3 civilians, ... 03:00, Israeli forces moved into Kafel Hares village, north of Salfit.
Israeli Settlement's creeping on the Palestinian lands has begun since the ... suffered by settlers in settlements on the occupied West Bank. .... stormed the religious sanctuaries in the Kafl Hares town 5 km north of Salfit, where ...
The Q.i. Value of The Arab Palestinian Investment Company ... minority interest and preferred shares, minus total cash and cash equivalents.
Outside of PSEi stocks, investors gobbled up shares of gaming firm Bloomberry, ... Outside of PSEi stocks, East West Bank fell by 3.18 percent.
MOSCOW, Aug 28 (KUNA) -- Russia said Monday that it shares with ... Libya, and Yemen, in addition to resolving the Palestinian-Israeli dispute ...
Palestinian prisoners cross to the southern Gaza Strip on October 18, ... in 2014 after the murder of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank. ... and unspecified agreements with Egypt, which also shares a border with Gaza.
... by the parties, the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ... Palestinian state possible, and shares Jerusalem between the two ...
As a Religious Zionist, My First Encounter With A Palestinian Changed My Life ... As we go around the circle and everyone shares their self-descriptions, I am ... and small children, while her husband lived in the West Bank.
David Hare's “Via Dolorosa” takes its name from the path in ... for a play that maps Hare's painful journey through the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Israeli occupation forces conducted a series of raids within its proceeding assaults of Palestinian houses in the west bank and Jerusalem.
... fast position Washington shares with Brussels, Moscow and Ankara, ... Arab Emirates labeling the Palestinian group a terrorist organization.
... except 7 mile long border Gaza shares with Egypt and that is rarely open. Adding to these difficulties, Palestinian Authority recently decided to reduce the supply ... Palestinian issue has been ignored by Arab states and the ...
The lyrics for the song were inspired by “Lesson From the Kama Sutra (Wait for Her)” by the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish as well as ...
PH shares slide back to 7,800 ... Stock pundits are betting on the entry of a foreign strategic investor in East West Bank similar to the route taken ...
Gotianun-led East West Bank has mapped out a P50-billion capital ... capital of P50 billion will consist of 4.5 billion common shares with a par ...
... into the townhome he shares with his wife and nearly 2-year-old son. ... of Houston, from the West Bank in the years after Hurricane Katrina.
A first step in the new Palestinian strategy involves Gaza, which under Hamas has been Israel's ... The White House clearly shares that view.
In the northern West Bank, troops detained a Palestinian young man in a ... were detained during a raid into Karl Hares village, west of Salfit.
Combining her loves of language and anthropology, Boulos digs for the roots of words, harvests their origins and then shares the bounty with ...
Jordan's King Abdullah II and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wave during a reception ceremony in the West Bank city of Ramallah, August 7, 2017 ... that Jordan “shares the responsibility” of supporting the Palestinian ...
Israeli settlers raided the village of Kifl Hares in Salfit province in the northern West Bank on Jan. 8. It was not the first time, and it will not be the last.
Israeli settlers raided the village of Kifl Hares in Salfit province in the northern West Bank on Jan. 8. It was not the first time, and it will not be the last.
Palestinian-American Linda Sarsour took center stage at the Women's March protesting against U.S. President Donald Trump and his xenophobic, retrograde policies.
BET EL - For many in the Israeli settlement of Bet El, deep in the occupied West Bank, Donald Trump's choice of Jared Kushner as his senior adviser on the Middle East is a sign of politics shifting in their favor.
Yesterday, January 28, 2017, marked the tragic one-year anniversary of the day an Israeli military court sentenced 5 youths from the West Bank village of Hares - Mohammed Kleib, Mohammed Suleiman, Amer Souf, Tamer Souf, and Ali Shamlawi, known ...
"This decision destroys the two-state solution," said Saeb Erekat, a senior Palestinian official in the West Bank. "We call on the international community to hold Israel accountable immediately." He said the Israeli government had been encouraged by ...
Israel plans 2,500 new settlement homes in occupied West Bank. January 24, 2017 | 8:52 PM. by Reuters. A general view taken on January 23, 2017 from the Palestinian village of Hares, south of the city Nablus, shows the Israeli Jewish settlement of Ariel.
Two cars made their way deep into the Palestinian village of Kifl Hares late on the night of Jan. 5. The 10 passengers wanted to visit the Tomb of Joshua, the traditional burial site of the Israelite leader who succeeded Moses.
A group of Israeli Jews was arrested overnight between Wednesday and Thursday in the Palestinian village Kiffel-Hares after they tried holding midnight prayers at the grave of the Biblical prophet Joshua, located in the village. Police said the group ...
A group of Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jews were arrested overnight between Wednesday and Thursday in the Palestinian village Kiffel-Hares after the group tried to hold midnight prayers at the grave of the Biblical prophet Joshua, located in the village ...
Israeli bulldozers from the Leshem settlement, on Monday, continued leveling lands west of Salfit, in the northern occupied West Bank, while Israeli forces confiscated farming equipment in Tubas. The bulldozers came, this time, to a new area near Deir ...


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