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updated Mon. April 29, 2024

Demand for water can be reduced through efficient pricing and rationing, as shown by experience from cities in US, Israel, France and Australia and the city of Colombo. It starts with metering of water supply. This should be complemented by either well-designed taxes or enforcement of pollution control ...

A path to water security has been identified using a forecast of national-level water supply and demand in South Africa. The report uses the International Futures forecasting system housed at the Frederick S Pardee Centre for International Futures at the University of Denver. The analysis culminated in the ...
The main purpose of AIPAC is to strengthen the friendship and ties between America and Israel. Eighteen ... One Israeli company that specializes in drinking water filtration is Amiad Filtration systems. ... Sensible people may wish to express their support for The Israel Anti-Boycott Acts (S. 720 and HR.
The city turned off its water supply for 12 hours a day, forcing many businesses and industries to shut down. In 2008, Barcelona, Spain, had to import ..... Currently, Cape Town reuses just five percent of its treated wastewater, compared to Israel's 85 percent. Israel has also eliminated water-thirsty crops like ...
The Israeli owner Alon Kubi, who has run the Belsize branch of the cafe since 2011, discovered the smashed window as he turned up for work at 5am on Saturday morning. He realised his drain had been cemented up when he tried to turn on taps inside the cafe and found problems with the water supply.
Hamas has accused Israel of being behind the attacks on both men, who were freed from Israeli prisons in 2011 in a controversial prisoner swap for the ... into the groundwater and flow into the sea, polluting the local water supply and fouling beaches throughout Gaza and along much of the southern Israeli ...
As part of the development by Israeli firm IDE Technologies, the planned 105,000 m3/day development will take wastewater from the Mai-Liao Power ... Formosa has been seeking an independent water supply after the government reduced its water rights from natural sources to support agricultural demand ...
Neither the government nor the municipality seemed to care about the fate that befell the residents, most of whom are by law recognized as permanent residents of Jerusalem and thereby of Israel, and continue to have the option of applying for Israeli citizenship. The appalling conditions created by the wall ...
In his last television interview before resigning from Israel's parliament last week, Peri told i24NEWS that “the guilt will be on the shoulders of the State of Israel” if Gaza is left to languish. “It's an Israeli interest to deal with this humanitarian crisis because the guilt will be on the shoulders of the State of Israel,” ...


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