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updated Fri. April 12, 2024

The gathering, organized in downtown Washington by the Council of Judea and Samaria, in partnership with Israel's Ministry of Strategic Affairs and the Jordan Valley Municipal Council, took place as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House.
Almost 300,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem hold permanent residence permits issued by the Israeli Ministry of Interior, and the "Entry into Israel Law" is the primary law that regulates IDs, birth and death certificates, marriage registration and issues travel documents. Palestinians living in the West Bank ...

(March 7, 2018 / JNS) Israel's Ministry of Health warned farmers on the Gaza border not to use water from Sderot and Sha'ar Hanegev wastewater reservoirs to irrigate their fields, due to sewage contamination from Gaza. Tests performed by the Ministry of Health indicated that water quality had become too poor to use in ...
A significant number of domestic violence cases, sadly, goes unreported, and Israel's Ministry of Religious Services recently launched a program to bring that number down: Train Mikveh Ladies to identify and aid women in need of help. Entitled “As Water Reflects the Face,” a verse borrowed from the Book ...
Israel's ministry of defence contacted American hackers to make 'zero-day' viruses for its cyber war. [AFP]. Date of publication: 5 ... Israel's ministry of defence made overtures to several US-based hackers, expressing interest in so-called 'zero-day' attacks for possible use in covert operations against its foes.

MISGAV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / March 5, 2018 / AgriVest 2018, an initiative of The Trendlines Group, GreenSoil Investments and Israel New Tech, of the Israeli Ministry of Economy will take place at Trask Tel Aviv on 8 May 2018. As an international conference, AgriVest brings together entrepreneurs, industry leaders, ...
In a peek into the way governments may source hacking tools, Motherboard obtained a 2015 letter the Israeli Ministry of Defense sent to US-based exploit developers. SHARE · TWEET. ByLorenzo Franceschi-BicchieraiandJoseph Cox. Mar 2 2018, 8:03am. Image: Spencer Platt/Getty Images. Often, the best way to get ...

In response to the information, the Israeli Ministry of Security said: “The supervision on the issue of the export of products and equipment of the Israeli security and military industries is being tightened according to various considerations, including the human rights and freedom in the country to which the ...
The Israeli Ministry of Public Security opposes the reform, claiming that medical cannabis farmed in Israel has already made its way to recreational users. Ministry officials have opposed the reform in government meetings claiming Israeli police does not have the required budget necessary to deploy ...
The Israeli Ministry of Defence then filed a countersuit against the family, the latest development of which is the $28,000 bill for damages to the jeep. According to Shawan Jabarin, director of independent Palestinian human rights organisation Al-Haq, the billing of Palestinian families for damages is part of a ...
According to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, Emmanuel Nahshon, the programme dubbed 'Education for Sustainable Development' aims at moulding all-inclusive students. He said Israel wants to produce students who are both academic achievers and skilled; for personal and Uganda's ...
(Courtesy of Ramat Givat Zeev) In an effort to embrace the growing community of Israel's new Ramat Givat Zeev neighborhood, Israel's Ministry of Education has confirmed that they will be allocating 15 million shekels (about $4 million) to build two new schools in Ramat Givat Zeev. Construction will begin ...
The director general of the Israeli ministry of education has stressed the importance of English language proficiency in a letter in which he said graduates with no English would be 'handicapped'. The Ministry of Education in Jerusalem. Photo:אסף.צ /Wikimedia Commons ...
A detailed report about Jewish migration to Israeli in 2017 shows that Russia and Ukraine were the largest providers of immigrants, Quds Press reported yesterday. Prepared in partnership with the Israeli Ministry for Immigrant Absorption, the report revealed that 7,224 Russian Jews and 7,182 Ukrainian ...
The Umm al-Fahm City Council is scheduled to hold a meeting with the Israeli Ministry of Interior at the end of February to push for approval on the rejected street names. Umm al-Fahm, home to about 60,000 residents, extends over an area of some 10 square miles. The vast majority of its Palestinian ...


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