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updated Mon. November 21, 2022

“Then, after work hours, I keep busy at the gym and the many recreational activities on offer here at Camp Taji.” Even though it's the second time around for Cpl Livori, it's certainly not a repeat. “I am excited to expand on the work I did the last time,” Cpl Livori said. “Already I see the differences we have made ...
I now have a little more empathy for him. I've been grounded, not for committing a crime but it seems for visiting Iraq with John Key to visit our troops in Camp Taji three years ago. Filling out a visa form to have a stopover in Los Angeles for two hours on the way to London I had to declare I'd been to Iraq, ...

From late 2004 to late 2010, Camp Taji had Subway, Burger King and Pizza Hut franchises. A food court also included Taco Bell, Popeye's Chicken and Seattle's Best/Cinnabon. These American favourites are now gone, but a Green Beans Coffee Shop remains with all the coffee favourites, smoothies, ...
DEPLOYED: From a photo taken at Camp Taji, Iraq on March 20, U.S. Army Rhode Island Maj. Gen. Christopher Callahan and Command Sgt. Maj. Moises Moniz, who is the Rhode Island state commander of the National Guard met with soldiers assigned to the 1st battalion, 126th aviation regiment from ...
Aircraft power plant repairer Army Spc. Kathleen Scanlon, who holds a doctorate in geology, uses a torque wrench to secure the bolts of a forward support tube onto an UH-60 Black Hawk engine in a maintenance shop at Camp Taji, Iraq, March 23, 2018. Aircraft power plant repairers supervise, inspect and ...

... 2014 with their kids, 12-year-old Aymen and 7-year-old Aya, but the couple started to consider fleeing Iraq in 2005 — the same year he and Alani got married — when Sano started receiving death threats while he was working for the U.S. Army as a technology contractor at a base called Camp Taji.
A US Army UH 60 Black Hawk helicopter lands during an exercise at Camp Taji, Iraq last week. Photo: Spc. Audrey Ward/US Army. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A US military helicopter crashed in western Iraq, killing all personnel on board. "All personnel aboard were killed in the crash," said Brig. Gen.

An Arabic linguist advises Iraqi soldiers on how to set battle positions to avoid friendly fire during a training event at Camp Taji, Iraq, in 2015. (Sgt. Cody Quinn/Army). Over the past several years, the Army has cut hundreds of billets for Arabic linguists. As a result, promotions have stagnated in the community ...
Soldiers assigned to the 449th Combat Aviation Brigade and coalition soldiers from New Zealand, Singapore and Australia worked together to simulate a real-world training scenario. The exercise provided a hands-on experience in a combat situation if a flood of wounded patients came to the Camp Taji ...
Members of the Iraqi security forces provide security during rural combat training at Camp Taji, Iraq, Nov. 18, 2017. Camp Taji is one of four Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve locations dedicated to training partner forces and enhancing their effectiveness on the battlefield. CJTF-OIR is ...
The incident is under investigation.” Taji is a town close to Baghdad where the British army has a training and advisory operation: Camp Taji is a coalition forces base also known as Camp Cooke. It is thought the soldier was there in a training capacity as opposed to actually fighting Islamic State, according ...


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